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Today every woman in the office except for my supervisor is wearing a skirt or dress. What a fancy office we are! Possibly in your workplace it's normal for women to wear skirts or dresses, but here we ladies usually wear jeans or (during summer) capri pants, so this skirty business is unusual. I feel like we should be fanning ourselves and drinking mint juleps on the veranda.

Last night Sonny and the girls came over for dinner--Twyla is working in Seattle for a few days. We had hot dogs, grapes, and grilled asparagus on the lanai, and then we went inside where Frances used the bathroom and then proudly showed all of us her poo. I was surprised at the volume of the poo; I would have expected something more petite. Lou was in a goofy mood and was doing ridiculous stances with a squirt gun (during the outside portion of the evening) and basically the children are adorable and just extremely fun to be around. The End.

Francisco and I went out for lunch today and then he left me at the Photo Haus (not far from my office) where I dropped off 2 rolls of film; one to be cross processed and one to be processed normally (the redscale roll). I'm going back to pick them up after work and Jessica (still working at the Photo Haus) said I wouldn't have to pay the extra for same-day processing ($1 per roll). I know an extra $2 wouldn't have broken the bank, but with Francisco still unemployed (for two more weeks), I'm cheaping out on everything I can.

I'm almost finished with The Poisonwood Bible (maybe 5 pages left) and maaan that is a good book. I've been dreaming about it at night and thinking about it during the day, and for the first time ever I sort of wish I belonged to a book club so I could discuss it with people. Although if I did belong to a book club and we read that book and someone didn't like it, I might have to throttle him/her.

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