It's raining, IT'S RAINING!!! It's the kind of rain we don't get very often--the heavy and prolonged type. It's been going so long now that not only do I not need to water the lawn tonight, I won't need to water the garden in the morning either. The tomatoes are probably very happy right now: No matter how much water I put on them (a LOT) some of them always have the curled leaf dry look. It's quite vexing. I hope it rains for the rest of the day, even though I would have to ride home in it. I would do so gladly.

How To Grow Sprouts in a Jar [for Tracey]:

Put some alfalfa seeds (a tablespoon or so) in a jar and put in water to more than cover them. Let them soak overnight or 8-10 hours or however long you want. You should have a loose weave fabric or some kind of small mesh fabric to put over the top--I rubber-banded some on. The health food store I go to sells special jar tops just for sprout growing, but I am doing it the primitive way in an attempt to reduce/reuse/recycle. Anyway, after your seeds have soaked, pour out the water. Rinse them, swirling the jar, and pour the water out. Repeat. When you are finishing pouring out the water the final time, turn the jar, holding horizontally, so that the seeds kind of cling to the sides. Leave the jar on the counter, not in direct sun. Rinse several times a day (the health food store guy told me the more often you rinse, the faster they grow). Mine were ready to eat in 4 days. I have finished one of my jars now and maybe tomorrow will start more sprouts growing in the empty jar while I finish consuming the other jar. Diana posted a link to a sprout seed place and I am absolutely going to order some seeds from them. They have mixes that sound delicious. Yay! Thanks Diana! They also have gizmos and contraptions for seed sprouting that are much more sophisticated than my jar, but I'm going to stick with it.

Jeanne Dark, I will post the zucchini bread recipe for you soon. Remind me if I forget! The directions said to bake for an hour, so we did (normally I would have checked on it before then but we were doing other things) and it was a bit dry. When I make it again, I will bake it for less time.

Violet, you do not have a criminal personality. The specific personality traits Francisco was observing in cable guy were extreme selfishness and childishness and a sense of entitlement, but I'm sure that guy has Many bad traits. You, Violet, do not.

Love to all,



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