do NOT start with me


The past couple of weeks I've been using the sunrise simulator as an alarm clock, and it's been a pretty good thing though still hard to get up most mornings. This morning, however, was relatively easy, so I must have slept really well last night, or maybe my body is getting used to waking up to that light. Whichever; I'm just glad I didn't have to drag myself out this morning.

So I was feeling good, but then Sharky ruined it, as is his way. He asked me for like the 7th time what we're doing for Christmas this year, and I told him, for the 7th time, that we're staying in town. Francisco has to work on Christmas day (jails don't close for the holidays), so there's no way we can go anywhere. Sharky AGAIN expressed disappointment, because I know he wants to go to Eugene for Christmas, so now I'm thinking about putting his ass on a plane and sending him there for his whole Christmas break, if they'll have him that long. I would much rather spend Christmas day alone than spend it with a mopey Sharky, let me tell you. He has a real knack for making me miserable, no matter how hard I try to ignore his moods. I think it could be quite a nice Christmas this year--we'll be in our new house (provided nothing scary comes up on the inspection) and we can decorate it really pretty for the holidays. Something I realized was that the nice big window in the living room will be perfect for the Christmas tree. We've never lived in a house with such a perfect Christmas tree spot before, so it will be even more fun to decorate the tree this year. Anyway, I'll talk to Francisco and see what he thinks about sending the Shark away; hopefully he will be in favor of it. I will report back.

I knew the teenage years would be a trial, but I didn't know they would be this hard and I'm ready for them to be over, but they won't be anytime soon. I'm having some pretty bad PMS right now, which makes the Sharky situation seem worse, I know, and this morning I ate some chocolate. I haven't had desserts for awhile and wasn't going to have them until my birthday, but the wise words of The Rooster* drifted into my brain as I surveyed the chocolates in the office kitchen: "Sometimes you've just gotta say fuck it and eat you some motherfucking candy". Well said, Rooster. Well said. This afternoon I went on to have 3 cookies, and nobody better start with me. *looks around menacingly, brandishing fist* Tomorrow I'll be back off desserts, but today I just Needed them.

Photo of the Day: o sailor. The colors in this are so great.

Tonight I'm going to see another documentary here at the university--there are 3 movies being shown this week (this is the last) and they're calling it a film festival. I don't mean to be picky, but wouldn't that be more appropriately called a film series? Especially since the movies are not really all that festive? Anyway, I'm seeing this movie with Sonny, and it's called Shooting Under Fire. I hope it's good; I expect it will be.

Have a good night, lambies.


*aka Paul Sedaris



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