...and that's why you should never eat soap. Oh, hello, I didn't see you there!


This morning at work I heard the second in command boss announce the upstairs toilet was flushing weirdly, but I must have immediately forgotten hearing her because I used the toilet about an hour later, and it wouldn't flush. Fortunately I had only peed. I put a sign on the door that said NOT WORKING and went in search of a plunger. I couldn't find one and no one knew if we had one, so I was going to get a maintenance guy to come plunge the thing, but then decided that was stupid and went to the store. And the whole reason I'm telling you this is, after I'd located the plungers and had one in hand, on the way to the checkout, I was thinking about how completely unambiguous my situation at that moment was. When a person buys a plunger, there's really only one reason for the purchase; it's not like there could be any other explanation than a clogged toilet. I found the lack of ambiguity to be quite satisfying as I paid for the plunger and then bought a Homie out of the machine with my change. Back to the office and blah blah blah, that toilet is working now. Give it up for Eva and her magical plunging capabilities.

We watched the Survivor finale last night and I'm not happy Danii won. I was rooting for Rafe right from the start, and if he couldn't win, then I wanted Stephenie to win, because I think she played better. But whatever, at least Stephenie got the $100,000, right? When we were watching last night, for some reason Sharky brought up Johnny Fairplay, and man oh man he's my favorite survivor ever. When will Survivor get another villain like Johnny Fairplay? Never, that's when, but if only. I hope his professional wrestling career is going well.

PS Am I the only one who thinks Jamie and Bobby Jon should get (or possibly have already gotten) a room already? I mean REALLY.

Songs of the Day:

Interpol five different songs, at Veritas Lux Mea. That site also has Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Bad Moon Rising, today, and I don't know about you, but I really like CCR.

Jose Gonzalez -- Crosses, at Gorilla vs Bear, and you really need to visit Gorilla vs Bear right NOW, because they are featuring their 33 best song picks of 2005 and I know you'll want to download damn near all of them (if not all).

Sambassadeur -- Between the Lines, at You Ain't No Picasso.

Halifax -- Straight Up, at Copy, Right?.

One Ring Zero, five different songs, at their site. Highly Recommended!

I'm going home now, to have bean soup and watch Arrested Development from last night. I feel better today than yesterday and hope I can sleep well again tonight. Francisco and I took a walk at lunch and that helped as well. It's cold here, but fortunately someone invented fleece.

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