steam, don't boil


Just a quicky for right now.

1) Yesterday Francisco and I were in Walmart. He was looking at weather radios and I was sifting through the pantihose in search of the hose that would combine both the correct size and the correct color. Found only one pair that fit the bill--that is just not right. But anyway, Francisco had just come back with a great weather radio when we heard the sounds of an Argument. Some older lady got into a tiff with a couple of teenage girls because apparently they gave her one of those derisive teenage girl looks. When I figured out it was a real argument and not just a joke argument, I made a beeline straight for them, but it ended just after I got there. Damn! Another public argument snatched away from me. It would've been like watching Jerry Springer without the audience or the censors. I have Got to be quicker on the uptake.

2) Earlier today Francisco and I were joking around and I said something and then slapped my ass for emphasis, and two minutes later my right ring finger was really hurting. Apparently I ruptured a blood vessel in the finger, because it kept hurting and now I have a big bruise on there. Let me recap: I bruised my finger from Slapping My Ass. This is a whole new low.

Also, I made artichokes the way Alton Brown (the Good Eats guy) recommended, and I did not like them. This is the first Alton Brown thing I don't like--I think steaming them makes them much better.

I will go eat a mango, granola, and vanilla yogurt parfait now.


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