I'm losing at dominoes--send reinforcements


It's a big old winter wonderland today--got several inches of snow yesterday and then it sleeted so we have snow-covered ice and no snowplows to save us from ourselves. So we're in the house today (my office is closed) and we've been sort of doing our own stuff except we started a game of dominoes at a little after 3 and Boy and I are the big losers so far. A couple minutes ago Boy became vexed at a play Francisco made that screwed him over, so he threw his glass of water on Francisco. I could see Francisco deciding whether he was going to be mad or not and he decided not. Good thing too, because that was damn funny.

In other news, I have finished the other side of my sweater and now have only the arms to do, which is still a lot, but not as much as the front and back.

That is all for now.


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