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On Sunday I ACTUALLY PURCHASED a song, via iTunes. I mean, I paid money for it! I can't remember the last time that happened, which is why I'm making such a big damn deal of it. The song I bought was Kirsty MacColl's "In These Shoes?", and I'm a little obsessed with it. If you want to hear it you can go here--it says it's a video but it's really not. Anyway, I would actually karaoke this song, if I got the opportunity, but it seems unlikely the song would be available for karaokeing, so I can make this statement without fear it will come back to haunt me.

Speaking of buying things, yesterday I suddenly panicked about having only 1 ten pack of Polaroid film in my refrigerator, now that it's been discontinued and will never ever be made again. I'd known about that for a couple of weeks but hadn't really thought too much about it, until yesterday. On the way home from work Francisco and I (he came to walk me home) stopped at Woods Hardware, because I'd previously noted that they sold Polaroid film, and I bought the last 3 ten packs of 600 film that they had. I won't tell you what I paid for it because you would throw up, but now at least I have 4 ten packs in my refrigerator, for special occasions. If I knew any other weirdo place in town to look for it (such as a hardware store) I'd get more, but it's sold out of the stores you would expect it at, so I don't know where else I could try. Maybe I could check some of the smaller towns around and see if they have any left.

Quote of the Day: From Miles, via 10Cakes: "Whatever, you've all just exposed yourselves as earth-haters and you're all going on a list and once I get those owls trained you will know justice. Horrible, hooting, tootsie-pop chomping justice." This made me laugh and laugh.

Good news: Liverpool FC beat Inter Milan (ssssssss!) today and are on to the UEFA Cup quarter finals. Yay!!

Other good news: We're having tacos for dinner, which I LOVE. Get ready to be eaten, tacos; it's not going to be pretty.

Good news number three: There is, right at this moment, a contractor at our house, doing an estimate on that garage conversion we want to complete this year.

The Complaint Department: Today I emailed my supervisor and the big boss to ask if I could make a case for a policy change, and I'm not going to go into the details because I'd have to be cagey anyway and you'd be bored and annoyed and skimming BUT I was shot down without ever getting to present my case and the example stuff I was working up. Employer? Get ready to live without me, because oh it's going to happen. Not because of this, mind you, but what happened today makes me feel really good about planning to quit. Someday. Depending on whether or not Francisco gets the Police job. Which we still don't know about.

In a minute I'm going home but on my way I'll feed my kittens that aren't mine and will stop at the Safeway for limes and cilantro and a box of wine. That's right, I said box. If you like wine but haven't tried the box brands (Delicato is good, as is whatever brand is in the black boxes) you should give it a go; you'd be quite surprised.

And now I will enact this plan.




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