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I am so bad with computers. I know how to use them quite well, but if something goes wrong I usually end up holding my head in despair. Yesterday I managed to lock myself out of signing in at atomictonic and other sites, due to some ridiculous alteration I made (still not sure what I did) to my cookie-setting preferences, and that was muy, muy aggravating. I fixed it today but not until after I caterwauled to poor Atomic about it. Meow, I say to her. Meow. And by Meow, I mean I'm sorry to have been such an irritating assybutt. I'm not messing around with that preferences thing ever again.

This morning I was listening to my favorite station and heard a song I'd heard before, by The Future Bible Heroes. The song is called Losing Your Affection, and if you're at all curious, you can listen to it here. I love that station--they play things I've never ever heard anywhere, and most of the stuff is really good. Anyway, that song is stuck in my head today, and I thought I'd urge people to listen to it for themselves in an attempt to get it stuck in other people's heads. How's My Driving?

Haven't done any April Fools stuff today. Mainly this is because I can't imagine anyone being fooled anyway, since people are already suspicious due to it being April 1, and also I couldn't think of any jokes that would be funny. My favorite April 1 joke was several years ago when the office I worked in was doing a huge mailing. I worked in a small office (6 people) and we underlings conspired to trick our boss into freaking out, and it worked. We delivered our huge mailing to the mail room and then about an hour later faked a call from the mail room to say we were supposed to have the mailing in zip code order. The boss panicked, as predicted, and then began barking orders; it was beautiful. "YOU! Call the mailroom and tell them we're on the way! YOU and YOU, come with me; we're going to the mailroom to re-order the envelopes!" We were standing there trying not to crack up, but his frantic orders were too funny and we couldn't hold it in. We managed to gasp out 'April Fools', and he sort of deflated and went back to his office. He was way too gullible, that guy.

It turns out my footwear was too optimistic today. I don't look ridiculous or anything, but it's too chilly for slides. It's perfect weather for walking, though, and Francisco and I did the 3 mile trail at lunch. Tonight he's going to his Tuesday Night Yee-Haw Fest and then to dinner with a Yee-Haw friend. Boy and I will have leftovers (something Francisco made last night called 'Country Captain' but which am calling 'Captains Courageous') and watch Buffy and all will be right with the world. Francisco called me at about 3:00 and said he was talking to me from my new cell phone. Kittens, it appears I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I don't want to use the cell phone a lot, but I know it'll come in handy at times.

Gotta go soon. Have gotten almost no work done today. Must be better tomorrow. Over.


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