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Francisco and I watched a documentary on snakes last night--a suggestion from Dennis--and it was actually pretty damn interesting. At one point the narrator excitedly told us we were about to see something never before caught on film, and it was garter snakes in Canada licking and eating unmelted snow, because they were dehydrated from their months of hibernating. And, you know, it WAS sort of interesting, but then later the documentary was talking about some snake's mating habits, and said something about the snake having two penises, and that was mentioned so casual-like, as though having two penises was no big deal. All that build-up for snakes eating snow, and then the two penises were just dropped in without fanfare. We felt a little cheated. I wish I could remember what kind of snake it was, but I can't, and there's no Way I'm googling for 'snake + two penises'. I mean, IMAGINE the results.

I had nightmares about poisonous snakes, by the way. At least there were no spiders in my dreams, as well.

Not a lot to report about today, except that it didn't rain much after all, but it's supposed to rain buckets tomorrow and maybe Sunday (hurricane, you know). This weekend will be comprised of seeing friends, chore things, doing fun projects, and shopping for industrial paint sticks. MEOW 67, mitches.


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