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I have a new favorite radio station now. It's Radio Active, in Wellington, NZ. They play great music--very eclectic and cool. Go listen! New Zealand is at the top of my list of potential countries to live in as an expatriate, though I'll probably never do that. What a gorgeous place it is; I totally want to move there. One thing in their favor is they not only have unbelievably beautiful mountains to hike in, but they also lack bears, mountain lions, and snakes--the trifecta of creatures I don't enjoy sharing mountains with. I'm not that afraid of snakes, as long as I can see them before I'm about to step on them, but bears and mountain lions make me very nervous.

I'm at work today (came in today instead of yesterday); I arrived just before 8:00, which is funny to me, because on weekdays I don't get here until at least 8:30. Anyway, I worked on files today until my brain died, and now I'm just waiting for Francisco to come pick me up. We're having a brake problem with the truck that began on Friday, so we're sharing a car until it's fixed. Francisco is at the big annual shooting contest, and hopefully he won his division, as he thought he might. He said he shot so well on one course yesterday that the crowd applauded him. He's a superstah! He didn't seem Nearly as gratified by the applause as I would've been--the applause would've been my main motivation. After we go home today, we're going to take showers (part of why I could leave the house so early this morning was from deciding to wallow in my crapulence for the day) and go out for dinner. Sounds about perfect. Then maybe we'll watch Mystic River when we get home--we have a lot of R rated movies to plow through in the next two weeks while Boy is still at camp, and we need to mail Mystic River back to Netflix to keep those movies in transit.

I keep hearing 'life flight' helicopters from the hospital roaring past today--I hope there wasn't a Tragedy.

We watched Donnie Darko last night and enjoyed it. That big rabbit was creepy, and I loved the way the story fell into place at the end. I'm looking forward to seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Brokeback Mountain'--filming now! WOO! Oh, also filming now is the Firefly movie, which is going to be called 'Serenity'--I can hardly wait to see that. I will probably do the geek thing and get off work early the day it comes out, so I can see it ASAP. I like to be that guy sometimes.

Yesterday I finally reserved myself a room in Glasgow for July 15--I'd put it off and was starting to feel stressed about it. I had a little trouble at first, but feel pretty happy about the room I found. I decided to spend the $9 extra to get a room with a bathroom, because I figure I'll be fed UP with sharing a bathroom by then, since I'll have done it off and on (mostly on) for the 12 days prior. The room is still reasonable, and basically I'm just glad to have a place to stay that night. I don't know why I procrastinate things until I get stressed--you'd think I'd know better by now.

Have I talked about Morphizm already? I just really like that site--I feel I learn a lot there. Recommended.

I have a doctor appointment on Thursday--my annual checkup. I need to make sure I lay off sugar before then, and that I walk every day on the treadmill, because I need to get my cholesterol checked, and sugar and exercise both effect that. I was supposed to have it checked in December, but instead I....what's the word? DIDN'T. I hope the highness of it last year at this time was just a fluke, because I can't fathom why I'd have high cholesterol--it doesn't run in my family at all, and I don't eat That much sugar, or saturated fats. And I will NOT take medication for it, so, dammit, it better be much, much lower. I have spoken!

Francisco just called--he's on his way. He did win his division (the Carolina Cup, for revolvers) and was also bumped up a class, to 'Expert'. That's one class below the highest, which is 'Master', and I'm pretty darn proud of him. He was given a trophy, even, which he thinks is kind of funny, because really, when do most adults win trophies? Not that often. The last time I won a trophy I was 3, and my mother had entered me into some kind of toddler beauty contest. I have a trophy in my office, but it's one I bought for 25 cents at a thrift store, to make myself seem more athletic. It's a swimming trophy, won by someone named Becky St. Claire. If a person doesn't actually look at the nameplate, it makes me look like a former winner. But I digress.

I really do love this radio station. They just played Human League's, 'Don't You Want Me', which I sang along to, loudly, because I love being alone in the office and having the freedom to be loud. Now they're playing 'Trainspotting', from the movie soundtrack. I'm serious; you should go listen to this radio station.

Love and Kisses,


PS I was thinking today that if I ever find myself in the situation of leading a crowd in song (not likely), I will know just what to do. You know how sometimes the person leading the crowd will say, "Now just the ladies!"--that kind of thing? I would want to say, "Now just the poor people!", because I think that would be funny. I am clearly a misunderstood comic genius. They love me in France. |


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