the salad waits for no man


Listen, my birthday is tomorrow and I'm not trying to make a big deal out of that or extort guestbook signings (for real), but I'm just telling you so I can get something off my chest about it. My coworkers know I'm not eating carbs and that I won't eat cake if they get it for me, so they arranged that they will all bring salad ingredients on Monday and we will have salads instead. And I feel like a terrible person for saying this, but I don't Want a goddamn salad. I don't want Anything, but after they went to all the trouble to arrange the salad thing I didn't feel like I could say no. I'm totally dreading Monday and I almost hope I get struck down by flu so I can oil out of it. All I wanted was deviled eggs, which take more time to make than bringing in some packaged lettuce and stuff like that, so I understand no one leaping at the chance to make them, but now I have to eat a salad that I don't want (and probably with crappy fat free dressing--bleuch). I could weep right now, but that would be foolish and immature, so instead I will go home to my guys and my cats and a weekend of goodness. We finally got Eddie Izzard's 'Circle' from Netflix, and we're watching it tonight. Tonight tonight tonight tonight, hot damn, tonight.

Have a great weekend,


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