not fair, Universe. is there an appeals process?


I can barely stand to tell you this, Internet, but it appears I'm getting another cold. For those of you keeping score, that would be my third cold and fourth virus in less than 3 months. My self-pity levels are Off The Charts; I could power a small town with the force of my sadness and disappointment. This weekend, my focus will be on getting well again. It's nice to have a plan.

In other news, last night I noticed our heater was making kind of an odd noise, or specifically, it sounded like it was making less noise than normal, plus there was a squeak. That's why when I arose this morning and turned the thermostat to the daytime temp (72) and all that happened was a clicking noise from the furnace, I was in no way surprised. Francisco has some people coming to look at it late this afternoon, but in the meantime all that wood he and the Shark collected last summer is being put to good use in the wood stove. Francisco says it's quite toasty in the house, so I'm no longer worried we're going to be freezing cold all weekend. This is the first place the cats have lived in that has had a stove/fireplace, so this is the first fire they've seen. Francisco says Lucy ran from the fire, but Esther was pretty interested:

her first fire

In other other news, yesterday right after work I went with the head honcho boss (have I mentioned how fantastic she is? because she is) and a couple of other coworkers to the campus's Mardi Gras dinner. Now, clearly the dinner was a little late, considering Lent started on Wednesday. That's right, isn't it? It started Wednesday? So the dinner was late and that's a bit of a scheduling mystery, but it was a pretty fun time. The food was alright--some things were better than others--and it was good to get out in general. As part of my meal I picked up a small bowl of crayfish, and I think that's the last time I'll eat those. They contained a groce yellow substance, and also, they didn't yield enough sustenance to justify killing them. I felt like a murderer, looking at all those little head/thorax/leg halves left after I pulled the tails off and ate the very little bit of meat from them. Actually, you know that scene right toward the end of Aliens, where the android tries to distract the alien and it rips him in half, leaving his top half upright and sort of flailing around? That's what those crayfish halves made me think of, except they were not spewing white sauce from their mouths. So anyway, I'm not going to bother with crayfish anymore; they're not worth the guilt.

My final fascinating news for the day is that I have fallen under the spell of Sudoku. I don't know how it happened--I had absolutely no intention of even trying it, let alone liking it this much--but I'm a wee bit addicted to it. Hopefully the love affair will burn itself out quickly.

Only a little over an hour til the weekend: EXCITEMENT. On my way home from work I'll swing by Photo Haus and pick up my cd of cross processed pictures. I was going to get prints like last time, but Photo Haus has "changed their price structure" (code for milking more money from their customers) and was going to charge me about $20 for a 36 roll. It's apparently about half that for scanning the negatives and putting them on a disk, so I went with that option. I scan the prints I like anyway, so no big deal. I hope Jessica will be there; I haven't seen her in almost 2 weeks.

Have a great weekend,



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