milk splashed my hand; I need a chemical shower


"Fun" fact about me: I can't Stand it when dairy products touch my skin. True story! I think the problem dates back to the summer of 1989, when I worked at a summer camp and one week was compelled (through popular vote) to take a pie in the face. The pie was just a pie plate filled with whipped cream, but when it was shoved in my face, the shover did it really thoroughly, probably because, in trying to give the campers a good show, I'd struck it out of his hand on his first try. Anyway, I ended up with whipped cream FAR up my nose and in my ears and hair and etc, and basically I smelled dairy that whole day, even after washing multiple times. That was extremely groce, so I still like to Eat dairy products, but I don't like to come into contact with them. Who can blame me, huh? You?? No you can't, liar. Sit down and shut up.

Last night Francisco and I took a little trip to Walmart, because we were out of a few items, and on the way out I noticed (for the grillionth time) the Portrait Studio, with the $5.88 portrait package. And I thought, well, why not? It could be funny to get a portrait taken there, right? But then Francisco, showing all the good sense I have come to expect of him, pointed to the large picture they display out front--a bare-chested baby with a blanket coyly draped over part of his head--and said he wanted to get his picture taken EXACTLY LIKE THAT. I laughed for several minutes, imagining him marching in there and demanding the same pose, and though he's probably changed his mind about it now, I Wish he'd go through with it. That would be so rad.

Songs of the Day:

Hopewell --Calcutta. This song is really good. Really, really, really good.

Rihanna -- Pon De Replay, but before you get too excited [too late?], the song is only available for listening, not downloading. It's still a song of the day, though, because I love it so much I downloaded it from iTunes last night. I don't buy a lot of music nowadays, but when I do it's always something I cannot live without for another moment. Such was the case with Pon De Replay.

I don't think I have anything else to report today. Wait! ....No, I'm wrong; I don't have anything else. Maybe tomorrow?

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