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It needs to be said that Esther has a new trick, and I think it's her best one ever. When we're in the kitchen she will come in and sit right smack in front of the oven, facing it, and watch our reflections in the oven door. The second we speak to her the spell is broken and she turns right around and starts talking. This is a real breakthrough for her, recognizing us in a reflection, especially because she doesn't recognize her Own reflection. I've always sort of envied people whose cats meow at themselves in mirrors; that's some funny shit.

Another thing she's been doing lately is kneading the furry pillows on the futon, with great passion and zeal. Francisco told me the other day that she was laying and kneading, and the pillow she was kneading was slowly being rotated in a circle through the force of her paw movements. Right now she knows I'm typing about her and she's all Over us, the silly ass.

Oh, and Lucy? Earlier this evening she threw up. Her lack of charm is almost as charming as all the stuff Esther does. For real.

Francisco and I had a good time on our date. We had vanilla manhattans (highly recommended) before we dropped the boys off, and went and had Indian food after they were safely at the school. Yum.

Love and kiss kiss,


PS Francisco says hi. |


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