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Yesterday when I was walking home from work I heard one of my favorite sounds--Doppler Dog. This dog loves riding in the back of his person's truck so much that he joyously barks and cavorts pretty much the whole time. I hear his barking approaching me and getting louder, and then they pass and the barking recedes. I know there's more to the Doppler Effect than that, but I don't care; I named him Doppler Dog anyway. Yesterday when I heard him and saw him approaching, I started digging in my bag for the Master Blaster and managed to take a couple of pictures as he passed me--unfortunately they will each be only 1/4 of a photo. I so love that dog--he's a yellow lab and that's all I know about him. He might even be a girl for all I know.

Francisco's mom arrived this morning (I assume, anyway--that was the plan) and tonight we'll be having dinner with her, Twyla, Sonny, the girls, and Sonny's mom, who accompanied Francisco's mom over from the west side. They're getting pizza and we're bringing salad; I have to stop on the way home to get different dressing (we have only blue cheese dressing right now, and there is An Objection to it), plus some scallions and other salad things. We already have lettuce and red pepper at home. Fascinating. Anyway, it should be fun tonight, and I think we're going out to breakfast in the morning with everyone, then Francisco's mom and Sonny's mom will depart tomorrow afternoon. Poor Francisco barely slept yesterday during the day--he could only sleep for an hour and he was therefore exhausted when he got home from work this morning. I hope he slept the whole day today--that was his intention-- because he works tonight as well.

But on the topic of going out to breakfast, we're going to a place that I like except they managed to corrupt Eggs Benedict (one of my favorite breakfasts) by making the hollandaise sauce less lemony and by also adding some curry. I like curry as much as the next person who likes curry, but I feel it should not be shoehorned into hollandaise. Let's keep our hollandaise pure, people. Pure and lemony.

Otherwise this weekend I need to do a tiny bit of digging in the yard before it snows, which it's totally supposed to do even though every resident of this town shook their fists at the sky threateningly. I also need to do my normal weekend chores, and if I feel like tackling it, I will sew the curtains for the guest bedroom. I've been putting it off but I have everything I need to do it, so I should just do it.

This is everything I have to tell you today.




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