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I'm writing a story! In theory it's supposed to be a short story but then I keep thinking of stuff I want to put in it, and if I included everything it would be by no means short. Oh but I'm excited, though; every time I think about the story I get a little flutter in my stomach. And yes, I AM a freak; thanks for asking.

In other news, Andreas Novak purchased a citrus trumpet for Tori Spelling, from her wedding registry, and my admiration for Andreas now threatens to make my head explode. I mean, come ON; what a genius thing to do. A citrus trumpet!

Also, I would like to officially announce that I do not care about Janet Jackson's breast, nor that it was on television. I didn't watch any of the superbowl, as I abhor football and think the games are far too lengthy. Basketball I can watch, but I'd rather not watch any sports; they are boring.

Survivor All-Stars, though, is another matter. Phantom Dennis picked it up for us and we watched it last night. Hoo-boy is it shaping up to be a good show! All those old rivalries and animosities are churning right up, and if you think I don't love watching the shenanigans of Susan Hawk, Richard Hatch, and Rudy whatshisname, you don't know much. Susan drank the water, Richard got naked, and Rudy was irascible--score! USA! USA! Or...something.

Lastly, I am in love with a show that got cancelled but is out on dvd--Firefly; have you seen it? That show was amazing and I am livid it was cancelled, especially when so many utter crap shows run for years and years. Married With Children, anyone? Feh. Firefly is fantastic, with great characters, stories, and dialogue. There are rumors of a Firefly movie, and I hope those rumors are right because it's unbearable the story arc would stop after only 14 shows, for real. If you have Netflix, do yourself a favor and put Firefly on your list--it's 4 disks and is so worth watching. We got the first disk the weekend before last (watched it and sent it straight back) and the other 3 disks last Saturday. We watched them all this weekend; we couldn't stop watching--we kept saying, "one more, one more". Nathan Fillion has a great ass, which is not why we watched, but it does need to be said and I'm just the person to say it.

I hate my job lately. Not a newsflash, but there you go.


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