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You know what's fun? Pretending that when Esther is meowing at us, she's actually saying stuff. Her meows are so varied and expressive that it's easy to "hear" words in them. Last night I was laughing because it was 9:30 (tuna time) and she was bitching me out about it even though Francisco's the one who gives them the nightly tuna. I told her, "I don't know what you want me to do. My hands are tied, ma'am". [meow meow Meow? meowww-raow!?] "I'm going to have to talk to my manager". I went up the stairs to the office: "Esther wants tuna; I told her I'd have to talk to my manager." Francisco: "Tell her I'll be right down". I went back. [Ma-a-a-a-AOW?] "My manager will be right down. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable." When Francisco came down the steps she was waiting for him and he placated her with various car salesman phrases while opening and dishing out the tuna and while she talked to him incessantly. The tuna appeased her; she ate hers and the rest of Lucy's and then commenced grooming herself. Lucy puts up much less fuss for the tuna, meaning No fuss. She lets Esther nag us into it and then reaps the benefit of the nagging, until Esther muscles her way over and takes it from her. It's all quite dysfunctional and cute.

Song of the day:

NNNJ -- Demeter's Pupil.

The unofficial Actual song of the day, by majority vote, is Family Affair, by Mary J. Blige, but I don't know where you can get that other than iTunes (that's where I got it). Sorry, ma'am; my hands are tied.

Tomorrow we're going to Charlotte to visit my sister and her husband. We're going to stay the night and come back on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to seeing their new house, as well as my sister, of course. Very exciting! Other than that this weekend, I will do the speedy version of my usual chores (meaning I will do them quickly and really half-assed), and will probably load more pictures to Flickr, because I'm so in love with that site I can't stand it.

Have a great weekend!
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