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Well our yard sale was a moderate success. It rained overnight and in the morning until about 8:00, but even after it stopped raining the big tree in the front yard was shedding water every time the wind blew (onto the plastic covering the sale items), so basically the sale didn't get started on Saturday until almost 10:00. People showed up, though, and bought maybe half of our stuff, which was less than I'd hoped for. Mostly what got purchased was Sharky's things--he made more money than we did and then promptly spent almost all of it on soccer cleats. It is my ambition to someday make him believe saving is a good thing, because so far I've had no luck with that.

As we were sitting around in the yard, watching people judge us and our possessions, Francisco and I had the following conversation:

HIM: I like selling things to people. I haven't done it since the last time I went to buy primers at the gun shop; some guy was looking at one of the guns in the case and I started talking to him and then spent half an hour selling him a gun.

ME: Wait. One of your guns, or one of the store's guns?

HIM: Their guns. The guy behind the counter just stood there and watched.

ME: And he wasn't mad that you took it upon yourself to help his customer?

HIM: No. Well, he might've been a little mad that I sold the guy a $300 gun instead of a $500 gun, but he didn't say anything.

Francisco is exactly the person I should be married to, and I'm glad the Universe worked it out for us to meet. Here's a picture I took during the yard sale, of some of the neighborhood children who haunted our every move last weekend:

yard sale

They kept coming by (plus some other neighbor kids not in the picture) and kept scrounging up coins with which to buy Sharky's toys and stuff--I think the yard sale was the Event of the Season for them.

I received my shoes from Zappos and I guess I shouldn't be surprised but they didn't fit right and I had to return them. The Danskos were alright but I was forced to conclude they were far too loose in the heel (I have narrow heels), even though I wanted them to work out. The other pair fit really bizarrely--a bit too short and they also pressed down on my toes, plus they were also too big in the heel and I felt I would walk right out of them if I didn't clench my toes. So it's back to the drawing board on the shoe buying front.

This weekend I thought of a much simpler design for my camera belt buckle; one that won't involve D-rings at all, but just some strapping and velcro (both sew-on and glue-on). Francisco got me the camera, so now I just need the strapping and velcro--too bad I have no time to go shopping. Maybe I can run out for a few minutes this weekend.

I'm a little short on content today, so would you like to see what's in my pocketbook? Tough, I'm posting the picture anyway:

contents of pockabook

And in closing, here are my cats as they prepare to shoot laser beams from their eyes:

Lucy and Esther, hoping for treats

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