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Toby the neighbor cat is really stepping up his campaign to become our cat. This weekend he got into the house a few times, and last night when I was in the bathroom, getting ready for bed (okay, peeing, but peeing in preparation for going to bed), he was climbing the screen on the bathroom window. That window is probably 7 feet off the ground, so he must've jumped from the deck rail onto the windowsill. Nutty cat. I was trying to figure out what crimes he could be charged with, if he were a human, and I've come up with: Stalking, voyeurism (he was looking in the bathroom window--total peeping tom-ery), disturbing the peace (yowling), trespassing, vagrancy, attempted burglary, attempted assault (tried to whack Esther), panhandling (maybe--not sure if that's considered a crime in our county), and terrorism (Lucy is very afraid of him). But since I wouldn't have him arrested even if he Was a person, this is all neither here nor there. He's just so cute!

I got my new metal dollhead in the mail on Saturday, and it stinks. I'm not even sure what it stinks like, but trust me--it's not good. Francisco refuses to smell it but I tricked the boy into smelling it and he agrees it's stinky. Fortunately the smell does not project itself into the room at large, because if it did I'd have to get rid of the thing, stat. I put it next to the charred doll head and they make an interesting pair.

This weekend I knit quite a lot of my scarf exchange scarf--with the yarn and pattern I chose, it's going very fast. I'll be done well before the deadline, which is good. Also this weekend I made a couple of mix cds for friends, did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen (the counters were gross--needed to be cleaned with scouring powder), did laundry, watched Girl Ranch, went to The Motorcycle Diaries on Saturday night with Francisco (while Boy and his friend were at their school's Fall Fester), made risotto for dinner last night, and did some other stuff I'm not remembering right now. One thing I didn't do was go to the flea market on Saturday, because I was really pmsy and so fed up with the antics of Boy and his friend. Francisco took them and I had a few hours of peace for my chores and fun stuff.

A few minutes ago the second in command boss mentioned our office's Thanksgiving lunch, and I had totally forgotten it's tomorrow. Damn! I signed up for "some kind of bean dish" (which we So do not need--you should see the food list) and "something else". I should bring donuts and beer like I did last year, but I'm sure I'll bring something healthier than that. I'm not going to make anything with my own two hands--heavens no! I'll just go to the store and walk around until I find a couple of acceptable items to bring, and that will be that.

Who took my frog?
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