The Universe is Definitely Messing With Me


I'm a little annoyed at the Red Cross. Yesterday I showed up to give blood at my designated appointment time of 4:00, but I had to wait and wait because they were apparently allowing people to stop by and give blood without appointments. This wouldn't have been a problem if they had the stopper-byers wait around until the appointment-havers were done, but that's not the way it worked. It was 4:45 before they had me come in and answer the questions, and then they took my blood pressure, pulse and temperature, and then I was not allowed to give blood because my temp was 100.1. I fully understand why I was not allowed to give blood with a fever, but it would've been nice if I had found that out at 4:00 instead of 4:45. Also, I'm a bit concerned that I had a fever, because in the past year or so, every time I have my temp taken (when I'm at the doctor, mainly) I have a low-grade fever, even when I'm not feeling sick. Like, when I went in last year for the back pain? Fever, both times. When I went in last summer for my annual exam? Fever. I'm going to bring this up when I go in this year for my annual exam, because that's not normal.

Feeding the cats in meals is sort of working out and sort of not. They've definitely been more active at night (I'm calling Lucy "Nudgy Spice"), though not as annoying as I expected, but the thing is, Lucy is hardly eating when we feed her, and she's puking most of what she eats. She's not the one that needs to lose weight, and we're worried she'll wither away to nothing on this meal plan. Esther seems fine with the meal thing; she's eating and not throwing up, and she's the one who can Afford a little bulimia. We'll have to wait and see.

Francisco tried to kill me this morning. He made me some honey-citron tea in my travel mug, and he made it the temperature of boiling lava. When I went to take a sip, once I was at work, it was so hot it not only burned my mouth, but made me afraid to swallow it lest it fuse my glottis. I had to spit it out on the rug, at which point it burned my lips. Most unpleasant.

Okay, and now it's just past 11:40 (wrote the above earlier) and I have a rash all over my neck, plus my elbow and scalp feel itchy. I suspect I'm allergic to that damn tea, which if it's true, is beautifully ironic. I've wanted that tea for 10 years, so it only stands to reason I would be allergic. The thing making me wonder if the rash is from the tea is the fever from yesterday, and also I haven't felt all that well for over a week (swollen glands, fatigue), which could be my pollen allergies, or it could be from the tick bite I got 10 days ago. I don't think I'm a hypochondriac, but I know I'm sometimes a little overly cautious, and maybe I'm being that way now. I called my doctor's office to talk to a triage nurse, and I was told they don't have them. Um, since when? I've talked to triage nurses there many times, and once I even got a little upset and yelled at one of them, so don't tell me you don't have them, lady. Since I couldn't talk to a nurse, I went ahead and scheduled the only available appointment today, which is at 4:00. I have way too much to do today to be going to the doctor at 4:00, and anyway, it's not like I'll actually See a doctor at 4:00. I'll have to wait half an hour at least. I wish I'd brought something to read.



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