crazy like a GENIUS!


I didn't sleep all that well Tuesday night but got up at 4:50 and went to the gym anyway. I brisk-walked on a treadmill for half an hour but didn't want to do any weight lifting, so I was putting on my fleece, in preparation for leaving, when some guy I all the time see at the gym talked to me. He said (jocularly), "It's too Early to leave!". I said, "I know, I should lift some weights but I just can't face it today. Maybe tomorrow*." We said our goodbyes and I went outside and got in the car and thought about what would have happened if I'd said the real reason I was leaving. "I know it's early to leave, but I have to poop and don't want to do that in the gym bathroom". I figure I would've gotten some horrified looks, because people just don't Talk about pooping, right? Unless they're Sarah Silverman, and by the way, I can hardly wait to watch her tv show.

Hey, you know how I've talked about Kevin, our town's main crazy guy? The night before last, in Francisco's reserve deputy training class, Kevin was discussed. He has, of Course, been picked up many times by various police departments both here and on the west side of the mountains (sometimes he'll commit a crime on the west side on purpose so he'll have a place to stay for awhile). The first thing that happens when Kevin is arrested, pretty much always, is a psychiatrist is called in to evaluate him. He has been seen by many, many psychiatrists, and they all say there is nothing wrong with him. He is not schizophrenic, as one would assume from his talking with invisible people, and at this point the city and county police have had to conclude that Kevin has just decided to be a town crazy guy, with the behavior to match (though they still have him evaluated by a shrink when they have to pick him up). People give him stuff--food and money--and they might not do that if he was merely a homeless guy and not a homeless, crazy guy, right? Also, one would have to assume being thought crazy would come in handy if a person was homeless--I'd imagine people are a lot less likely to mess with someone they think is crazy. The officer teaching Francisco's class the other night said that sometimes officers will give Kevin money ($5 here and there) and that one time an officer gave him $20. Kevin took that $20 right down to Bi-Mart and bought an axe, which he then walked around town with. Of course people called the police--who wouldn't call the cops when a town crazy guy is walking around with an axe?--but they determined Kevin wasn't committing any crime by carrying the axe and had to let him keep walking around with it. Isn't that hilarious? Kevin was totally messing with them. Apparently Kevin hangs around the courthouse most days, giving lectures to the walls of the foyer, and I think I'll go down there on my lunch hour sometime to watch him. It will be interesting watching the master at work, and if I get the opportunity to converse with him, I absolutely will.


* Didn't happen. I didn't make it to the gym this morning.



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