I can think of a million pleasanter ways to wake up


Last night a BEEP noise woke me up, and I didn't know what it was at the time but Lucy (who sleeps heaped up against me at all times) tensed, so it scared me into wide awakeness (I trust that cat to freak out appropriately at night--she has rarely let me down). It turns out it was the first beep the smoke detector was letting out to tell us it was low on batteries, but I didn't know that until about 7 or so, when it beeped again. ANYway, I got up and used the bathroom and made sure the doors were locked (as I always do when something unknown wakes me up), and when I came back to bed, Esther was awake. She left the bed and I heard her moving through the house and up and down the stairs (to and from the litter box) and then she had to come and lay on my pillow. She took awhile to really settle down and I managed to fall into a hard sleep, laying on my right side, facing away from her. I slept so soundly and so inertly I lost the feeling in various right side body parts, but this turned out to be overwhelmingly for the best, since Esther at some point wiped her ass on the left side of my pillow, and in other select places on the bed. Fortunately I didn't know that until the alarm went off at 5:45 and I turned back over, narrowly avoiding rubbing my face on the crap smear. Horrifying--what a way to wake up! I was tempted to tell Esther she's a bad cat and gross and a terrible housemate, but she was all sweet and innocent and not knowing she did anything wrong. Lucy, on the other hand, knew full well Esther had done something wrong. Lucy was the one hiding under the bed, lest the long, bony finger of blame be pointed at her, while Esther was sprawled out across the foot of the bed, blithely unaware of her transgressions. Cats always seem graceful and dignified and clean, but let me tell you, it's all an act. I am officially disgusted with Esther right now, but I know she'll do something cute tonight and immediately worm her way right back into my heart. It is her way. I hope Francisco remembered to wash the sheets and duvet cover; they were in the washing machine when I left but were not yet being washed.

I'm weaseling out of work a little early today, so I can go watch Boy's Tae Kwon Do tournament. I'll admit to not Really wanting to go, but that's just because I like to go home after work, not sit in a gymnasium in heels and a skirt with rowdy junior high kids. I of course want to see our Boy kick some asses, but if I could watch him on tv, at home, in pajamas, that would be better. Francisco will be going to his Tuesday Night Gun Spectacular directly from the tournament, and I will take Boy home and feed him a grilled cheese sandwich.

This evening plan will begin.........NOW.


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