boots and chaps and cowboy hats


There are things I didn't intend to talk about anymore, but know what, I'm just going to put this out here and people can judge as they see fit. Silently, please.

1. We bought a Toyota Rav 4 Sport. We wanted the 4-Wheel drive feature because we have snow on the ground 3-4 months out of the year and have to cross the mountain pass a couplethree times per winter. Also, we would like to get a pop-up tent trailer thingie and wanted something that could tow it without any problem. So there you have it; we did not buy a hybrid and I am not sorry. We'll drive the Rav 4 for a long time (at LEAST 10 years) and then see what new technology is available to us. We're looking forward to all sorts of road trips after Francisco is finished with sleepaway police; we're quite excited.

2. I have started listening to country music (not exclusively). I am not accepting any shit about this. This is quite recent so I hadn't talked about it before, but a lot of people hate country music so I do expect a bit of judging. Do your worst. Silently.

3. I booked house cleaners to start October 8th (I don't have time before then to meet them at the house and give them the lay of the land because work is ridiculously busy right now); 1 hour per week. If that's too much, we'll switch to 1 hour every two weeks. I vacillated about the cleaner thing, because I could absolutely keep cleaning the house myself, but then I thought about the stuff I could do with the time I would spend cleaning and decided to keep the appointment. It's an experiment; we'll see how it goes.

This morning it was 36 degrees outside, so I turned on a couple of heaters for the first time in months. The heat was nice but the accompanying burny smell I could have done without. I figure this weekend (should be warmer) I'll open the windows and turn on all the heaters so the dust can burn off and be done with. I sort of want to switch to the down comforter but suspect it'll be warmer before it gets cold for fall/winter. Also I want to wash the comforter but need to go to the laundromat for that, and there's no time right now.

We got new rugs for the living room that I really like, but problematically the cats really like them too. They do a lot of writhing on them (leaving fur deposits), and before we clipped her claws this weekend Esther did a bit of scratching on them also. Lucy showed her rug love differently; by barfing on one of them the other night. We can't have anything nice with these cats, but I guess I would always choose them over nice stuff, so whatever.

Work has been pretty horrendous the past couple of weeks-hence my lack of updates and lack of anything too interesting to say when I do update. The garden is still thriving and last night I cut 5 zucchinis, a bunch of tomatoes, and some Thai peppers that had finally turned red. I brought 4 zucchinis to work, let the tomatoes sit on the counter for now (pending being made into sauce that we'll freeze), and froze the peppers. The leeks are going to be a problem; there are probably 40 of them out there and they apparently don't freeze well, or at least not for long. But then, complaining about having more food than you know what to do with is pretty ridiculous and not a little obnoxious, so I think I'll stop talking.

Speaking of the garden, I need to go water it. I'd hoped it would rain today, but nothing doing. Talk to you later.




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