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I forgot to tell you that last weekend I made a To Do list for Sharky that had Laundry, Empty Garbage, and Clean Room on it. Later I saw he'd added a couple other items and had crossed them off. These items were Keep It Real and Buy Weed. What a smartass.

You know how I said yesterday that I've been feeling tired no matter how long I sleep? What I didn't tell you, because it's a little boring, is that I've also been having headaches and some kidney aches/pains that have been getting more and more noticeable over the past few days, so this morning after I felt the kidney pain yet again, I decided it was high time to go to the doctor. This is especially true since I'm going out of town for 4 days, and do not want to have some kind of kidney emergency while in San Jose. Anyway, I got a 10:30 appointment and Francisco is off work today so he took me to it, and the results are so far inconclusive. I peed in a cup and that ruled out my having a kidney or urinary tract infection, so they took blood for a few different tests and I should get the results back tomorrow. If nothing alarming shows up in the results, the next step will be an ultrasound, but that does not have to be done immediately. If something alarming Does show up, then I don't know what will happen; I assume it will depend on what the problem is. Even though I don't yet know why my kidneys hurt, I feel better just for having seen my doctor, because he's taking my complaints seriously, and that has not always been the case with me and doctors. Now that he's on the case, I can relax a little, and that is really nice.

While Francisco and I were in the waiting room, we came up with two (TWO!) good ideas for short films. I won't tell you what they are, since they are not fully fleshed out yet, but if these turn out the way we envision, they are destined for my new Funny Or Die account. Stay tuned.

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