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A couple of days ago Francisco made some oven fried chicken that was so unbelievably good, and I ate the last piece for lunch today. I'm really glad no one was around to witness my repast, because the only way to eat it was to just stick my face in it and gnaw, which as you can imagine is not pretty. I wish we could have that chicken every night, but I think the breading on there is pushing the limits of how many carbs I can have and still be sticking to a low carb diet. Which I haven't been, really, for a couple of weeks, but I'm trying to get back on that wagon because I haven't been feeling as good as I did prior to falling off the wagon. It was Halloween that got me, because Francisco bought a lot of candy and we gave almost none of it out (due to scarce trick or treaters) and ended up eating it all ourselves. That engendered a carb free-for-all until Monday when I put a screeching halt to it. Not that any of this is at all interesting, mind you. I just want to feel good and healthy and energetic--is that a crime? Well, is it? That's what I thought.

I've changed my mind about moving to Fiji, because I've read some things about Fiji that are not pleasant. It has a very high crime rate, for one thing, and there's a lot of racial tension between people who are native Fijians and people who emigrated from other places, such as India. Plus there have been many political coups and also there's a lot of pollution due to lax environmental policies. Therefore, we are instead moving to the Cook Islands, probably Rarotonga. It's a beautiful place and better all around, I think. Except in the Cook Islands we can't buy a house, because there's no freehold real estate there, so we'd have to lease. I could deal with that, NO problem. I could deal with a lot for the chance to live in such a beautiful place. It's all hypothetical at this point anyway, but for the purposes of daydreaming, my affections have been transferred to the Cook Islands. Please make a note of this for future reference.


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