One day last week, Max sent out a little questionaire to a few people, just for the hell of it, with questions like "If you had to smell like a food, what food would you want to smell like?" and "Would you rather continuously sneeze or hiccup?". One of the questions was "If you got a sex change, what is the first thing you would do?", and the answers to that were pretty much what you'd predict, except for Lexhall's. He was out of town at the time, on an international bender, but we got his questionaire today and his answer to that question was "Ride a bicycle down a cobbled street". Is it just me or is that really, really funny?

Yesterday was.....not so good. Nothing bad happened, but I was dog tired all day, and it was my own fault for choosing to drink martinis Sunday night so that my sleep was disturbed all night long, even though I tanked up on water before bed. But see, I was making risotto for dinner, and you know how you have to stir and stir that stuff, right? So what's better than stirring with one hand and raising a martini to the lips with the other, while gyrating in place to an iPod playlist called 'Shake It'? Nothing, that's what. Except sleeping through the night, which I managed to do quite well last night, so I feel muuuuuch better today.

Anyway, the weekend was good. Francisco put the second coat of paint on the deck and I painted the rail on the front steps--it looks much better. I also spray painted the white heating vent covers that had started to get a leetle rusty, so now they look like new again, and did my regular chores, plus washing my and Francisco's feather pillows in the washer. Did you know you could do that? Because I didn't until I read it in a magazine and decided to try it. It worked great and the pillows are much fluffier (they had lost a lot of fluffiness since they were new) but I will tell you truthfully they now kind of smell like boiled chicken. Very faintly, and above the lavender-scented detergent stuff I used, but still, a slight chicken smell. I sure hope that airs out, eventually, and I'll try squirting them with lavender linen spray to help them along a bit.

We watched Walk the Line on Saturday night and really enjoyed it. I like Johnny Cash but wasn't jumping for joy to see the movie for whatever reason, and then it sucked me right in. Two thumbs up. I made dinner on Saturday as well as Sunday (noteworthy since I don't cook all that often); I made an onion tart, a "salad" of mango with lime juice and cayenne pepper, and another salad of halved cherry tomatoes with crumbled blue cheese and a little olive oil and vinegar. It was pretty delicious, but if we'd had some small crusty rolls, that would've finished it off just about perfectly. I should stop talking about food; I'm getting kinda hungry.

I heard from a new Flickr friend today to say his wife just got a job in Chicago and her first day is June 5th (they live in Tulsa), so they have to pack up and move in just a few weeks, and 1) that makes me feel a little better about having 5-ish weeks to do the same and 2) If you live in Tulsa or are moving there and want to buy a house, you should consider theirs; it's really nice (Craftsman style, which I love) and also quite affordable. Let me know, I'll hook you up.

This morning I went to the dentist for a cleaning--my last visit to that office, which is too bad, considering how well they put up with me. Dr. Hoke is my favorite dentist ever; I will miss him and his creepy blue gloves (creepy only because of the Firefly villains). While I was there I took a couple of pictures (of course) that I'll put up on Flickr sometime soon. Dr. Hoke has a new digital x-ray machine that shows the x-rays on a television in the exam room, mere seconds after they're taken. I asked him if it had Photoshop compatibility, because it would be funny if he was talking to a person about his/her teeth and there was like a little ostrich on the x-ray that he could point to and say, "THERE'S your problem". He appeared to be thinking that over, and I hope he looks into the possibility.

Songs of the Day: Leuchtanemonen has several Laura Veirs songs, and YES I do speak German.

No, that's a lie.


PS Lord I hope that's German. I think it is but I guess it could also be Dutch, and I'm adding this disclaimer to try and make myself look less stupid in case it's not German. But what if it isn't Dutch either? I need some wine. |


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