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Atomic pointed to this funny Craigslist posting today. Craigslist can be pretty annoying at times, but sometimes it really shines. I saw this on there a few minutes ago: "I am a filthy minded and overeducated scoundrel seeking a highly imaginative and literate woman to read and reciprocate much nastiness." That sentence has so much going for it I don't even know where to start. Something that cracks me up about Craigslist is how in the Platonic Only section, there are tons of men seeking women to have sex with--does that seem platonic to you? If so, then apparently the definition of platonic has changed and I didn't get the memo.

This weekend wasn't really that great, but it didn't totally suck, so that's something. I've been getting daily migraines since the day of the election [coincidence?], and that affected my enjoyment of the weekend, as well as affecting my productivity, which always affects my enjoyment of the weekend. Hopefully these migraines will stop already with the hurting of my head and the sickening of my stomach oh please pretty LAYdee! And then I can get my brain out of hock. But in the meantime I'm not accomplishing very much. Something I did do this weekend was try to figure out a way to make the ornament exchange ornaments (with the soldering), and I concluded it's probably possible to make them, but they would most likely be hideous. So I scrapped that idea, spent some time wandering around Michael's Crafts for inspiration [asked a couple of Michael's employees, "excuse me, but have you seen small plastic fetuses anywhere in the store?", and that went about as well as you can imagine], and finally settled on an idea yesterday and got the ingredients. I'm pretty excited about these ornaments, actually, and as soon as we perfect the prototype (Francisco agreed to help me) I'll do the other seven, box them up, and mail them. The idea I scrapped would've been cool if I could've made it work--I wanted to do mini Alexander Calder-type mobile ornaments, but it was going to be far too difficult and time-consuming and they probably would've looked bad anyway. Pessimism, where were you last Tuesday when I could've used you to keep from getting my hopes up? We are in a fight.

I won my creepy doll head on eBay, though I had to bump up my bid a little to get it. Still very cheap for a vintage German bisque doll head; it helps that there's a crack in the head and that it's been through a fire. There's another creepy head I've got my eye on--even creepier than the first--and hopefully the bid will remain low so I can swoop in and snatch it up tomorrow at the last minute. This weekend I saw the creepiest clown doll ever on eBay; it gave me the shivers. If I ever have a bed and breakfast with a creepy room, I want it to include a clown doll, but I think that clown doll was too creepy even for the creepy room.

No time for any more typing.

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