chicken face narrowly averted


7:54 a.m. Open pantihose packet and take out brand new pantihose. Put on.

10:51 a.m. Walk down steps at work and feel toes of pantihose, on both feet, giving way. Curse under breath. Stomp back to office and examine the damage. Examine runs in pantihose that have reached mid-foot on both feet with weary resignation. Apply clear nailpolish. Fume at the injustice of the world of fashion.

I hate it when it gets chilly enough to necessitate wearing pantihose with skirts (so as not to look tacky or whatever) but it's not cold enough to break out the tights and be all dark-legged. These are the hinterlands I am operating in lately, and probably you are too, if you're a woman and you don't wear pants to work every day, which is what I should be doing, but I just got this cute skirt and wanted to wear it. Fortunately my legs are extremely pale so I always buy the lightest hose possible--generally "bone" shade, if nude is too dark. This means the runs are not all that noticeable, and of course I will be carrying a deck of cards for the rest of the day, so as to distract people from looking at my feet, using the old "pick a card; any card" technique. Smaaht.

Last night our household did the big Comforter Switch, which is when we change from summer blankets to comforters because it is cold enough at night. We all slept like babies, especially the cats, who Love our down comforter. It's so big and puffy it looks like seven minute frosting on our bed (with the white comforter cover), and they just hunker down in its pillowy depths. As do we.

I probably won't update tomorrow, as I will be at a hellish workshop for most of the day. The good thing about it is the boss isn't going this year, so we won't be subjected to his pomposity or his childish fidgeting. There are blessings hidden even in non-good things.

Very tired of this office today. The boss is going around all stress-laden about a mailing he's doing (for some comittee or other) and not giving a rat's ass that I finished that cursed brochure. I'm going to foist it on him in a couple of minutes and he can read it at his leisure.

Last night when I got home Francisco had purchased a roasted chicken, and I could not get enough of that. I was quite hungry and basically I wanted to pick the entire thing up in my hands and gnaw it. I didn't, you'll be glad to know, but I wanted to.

West Wing tonight! And the season premiere of Angel! At the same time! If we didn't have VCR this would present quite the Sophie's choice.

Going home soon. Must finish some things. Have a great night, and I hope those of you who are ailing (you know who you are) get well soon.


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