Flossie's Chicken and Weiners


I've had some good fun today, because my coworker in the office next to mine is having some bizarre trouble with her phone. She's been getting a lot of calls today for some construction company in California (Yaeger Construction, apparently), and no matter how many times she tells people who she is and where she works, the calls keep coming in. The most bizarre part of the phone thing is that people are dialing an 800 number and a different prefix. The only numbers that are the same, between the contruction co. number and my coworker's number, are the last 4 digits. We gave up trying to tell people who we were and instead started answering the phone with different names. A few of my favorites were:

Wanda's House of Hair

Leon's Ponchos (custom-made ponchos for all occasions)

Flossie's Chicken and Weiners

Gloria's Massage

I can't decide which one is my ultimate favorite, but I'm leaning towards Leon's Ponchos, because I think it was the most confusing for the person on the other end of the line. "Ponchos??" "Yes ma'am, custom-made ponchos". Bahahaha! I'll be sad when the problem gets cleared up (Telecom has been contacted), and at any rate her phone isn't ringing anymore today, because she left early and forwarded all calls to her voice mail. Too bad.

The Aquavit we started on Saturday night got strained, bottled, and stuck in the freezer last night. We're giving a bottle to the host of the party we're going to tonight and keeping the other bottle for ourselves. The recipe said to steep it for 3 days but I think it could and should have gone longer, so the next time we make it, it's going to steep for at least 2 weeks. Also I think I'd like to try the kind of aquavit that is just vodka and caraway seeds, because the caraway is what I like best about the kind we made (it also has fennel, anise, and orange peel). The party tonight should be fun, but we won't probably stay Tooo long. It's a school/work night, after all. And also I have to meet with the boss of my boss tomorrow, at 10 (someone wanted to trade times with me, so I don't have to be in at 8, but I think I will be anyway, just in case), and just so you know, she's met with two people so far and both of those people she talked to for at Least 2 hours--one almost 3 hours. Apparently most of it was chatty small talk, which is Not something at which I excel. There is no way to tell you how much I'm dreading the meeting, and hopefully I will not get fired.

Last night wasn't that great. Boy was tired and bitchy and got all cranky about his math homework and finishing his salad, and I wasn't in the mood for any of that. Francisco made a good dinner, which was enjoyable, but after dinner it was all downhill. I hope he'll have snapped out of it by tonight, because I'm Still not in the mood for that crankyness.

That's about all I've got today--hopefully your day is fun and exciting. Or at least fun.


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