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Hello my robot army,

We watched two movies this weekend: Thank You For Smoking and The Proposition. I loved Thank You For Smoking for its irreverence and funniness, and I loved The Proposition because it is one of the most beautifully filmed things I've ever seen. The story is grim and violent and I can't say I loved that, but it was worth watching for the cinematography alone. Super, super beautiful.

Another thing we watched was Ed vs. Spencer, the episode where they're handcuffed together. I always love Ed vs. Spencer and always laugh hard, but that particular episode made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt and tears were streaming down my face. I'm so glad we have Tivo so we could stop and go back to watch parts of it over again. I'm also glad we have Tivo so I can record the episode again, because we missed almost all of the humiliation portion of the show (at the end), when it got cut off early. When I programmed it to record again, I set it to record two minutes over, because that particular humiliation I don't want to miss even one second of. Catie knows what I'm talking about, unless her episode got cut off early too.

I shopped a bit this weekend; I bought 5 shirts and a pair of pants. Of course they were all from the Goodwill and St. Vincent's, so I probably spent $20 for everything together, and I'm very pleased with my purchases. I wasn't intending to buy any pants, since I'm on the wither, but these were capris made of a cute print, and priced to wear for awhile and then give back to the thrift store, like I was renting them rather than buying. The idea of "renting" clothes seems pretty good during this ensmallening period; it will make the whole thing more fun, especially because the thrift stores in town often have very cute things, unlike thrift stores located in other places we've lived [Durham, I'm looking at you].

Yesterday morning I got up at 3:00 because Francisco was getting up then; he did his first patrol shift, with a deputy sheriff, and that started at 4:00. They arrested someone who had felony warrants and Francisco didn't have to physically subdue that person but thought he might have to at one point and so was mentally preparing for it. I'm glad that didn't happen, though I have no doubt Francisco could have done it. He was gone until almost 4 in the afternoon, and while he was gone I made gazpacho and pickled red onions and then did a bunch of cleaning. I also worked on my new niece's hoodie cardigan and got a lot done--what I have left is about 2 inches of one sleeve and the whole other sleeve, plus the finishing stuff. Yesterday I also signed up for the 2007 Summer Burn which I'm really quite stoked about. My cd is mostly made but needs fine tuning, but first I have to send a postcard to confirm my signup; I will do that tonight.

This is all my news for today.


PS Jen, I got my postcard today--THANK YOU!



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