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I have heard back from one genius participating in the Postcards to Ms. Kwon Project--she sent her postcard last Friday so Ms. Kwon should be getting it soon. I'm going to quote her about the postcard but I'm not sure if she wants her identity revealed, so I'll keep that to myself for now:

"I think I have found the perfect one and it was so simple. Alcatraz! And all I wrote was "wish you were here". Sometimes the most simple solutions are the most satisfying and in her case appropriate. Too funny! Mailed it out at lunch."

Do you see? Genius. For whatever lazy reason, I have not yet sent a postcard to Ms. Kwon, but now I'm inspired to do that tonight and mail it tomorrow. I'll also be sending a postcard to a stranger Miles suggested and actually I wonder if we have postcard stamps...

Yesterday I took Sharky and his friend to Chapel Hill to participate in that study of teens and how they relate to each other. I had thought, for some reason, that it was specifically how they relate on the phone, but it had nothing to do with that so I'm not sure how I got that impression. Anyway, when we arrived, the grad students were waiting for us and they took Sharky and Ryan away to do their part of the study while I was taken to a separate room where there was a many-paged questionnaire awaiting me. Over half of it was questions about me, to gauge what a terrible parent I am (I have to assume), and there was one long section where I was supposed to put myself into the situation the question describes and determine what would have caused it. I then had to answer questions about the causes I put down. Examples of situations and the causes I wrote down for them:

You have been fired from your job
CAUSE: They found out how much time I've been spending on the internet.

You and your family have had a huge argument
CAUSE: We have vehemently disagreed on an important issue.

I was going along just fine with these until I got to situation: You are experiencing sexual difficulties. RRRRRRT! I was stumped. First of all, what difficulties are we talking about, and secondly, what in the world could have caused these difficulties? I sat there for a good 8 minutes, staring at the question and hearing a buzzing noise in my head, completely unable to process the imaginary situation. Finally I decided to write down the first thing that had popped into my head upon reading the situation:

CAUSE: My vagina healed over.

Hopefully the grad students will not call child protective services.

It was a pretty decent weekend, though the weather wasn't very nice. Pretty damn cold with rain on Saturday and wee snow flurries yesterday but very little total snow and zero accumulation. Saturday morning Francisco and I watched the Liverpool/Wigan game which was only sort of enjoyable because Liverpool hasn't been playing well lately. HOWEVER they did win 1-0 and my super secret boyfriend, Sami, scored the Liverpool goal!

my Sami scored the only goal on Saturday

That's pretty rare for him, since as a center back he's rarely within striking distance, but he'd come forward for a free kick and got lucky with a good pass. I was Extremely pleased.

Otherwise this weekend I did my chore things and knitted and wasted time watching television (including a bit of Olympics). Oh! On Saturday night we watched Junebug and it was super good. I hope Amy Adams wins the best supporting actress Oscar, because she was amazing.

Song of the Day: Iron & Wine -- Faded From the Winter at Communications Major, English Minor.

I'm happy I got my hair cut on Friday--it looks a LOT better and is making me happy. I even had a dream about how good it looks, it looks so good. Note to self: Don't try to grow hair longer; it doesn't look as good.

That's about all I have for you today, cherubs.

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