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Yesterday Francisco and I took a long walk, and baby, it was HOT. During our walk we went to Bi-Mart for coffee pods (best price in town), and we also stopped by St. Vincent's where I purchased 2 cameras, both with film still in them (!!--it's actually WHY I bought them), plus one of the cameras was in a ziploc bag with 4 roles of film that I hope is expired. I had to get a battery for the camera that came with the 4 rolls of film, but it works, and it's a Minolta something or other so it's a pretty decent camera. The other is a Polaroid 35mm whatsits. I'm sooo excited to finish the rolls of film and get them developed; it'll be fascinating to get that glimpse into other people's lives. Hopefully there's nothing on either of the rolls that will get me arrested, but at least I have you sweeties for witnesses.

So, to recap, things purchased this weekend are: 2 cameras, 4 rolls of film, and a house. Well, okay; we haven't actually paid the money for the house yet, but I still think it sort of counts.

I also went to the grocery store yesterday to get food for the week (made a menu first) and last night we had a big salad for dinner, and sourdough bread, brie, summer sausage, grapes, and artichoke hearts. We was celebratin' ,you know. Tonight's scheduled dinner is Pad Thai with chicken and tofu.

Other things I love about our brand new (to us) house:

1) The kitchen has a gas cooking stove, and I've always wanted one of those but had forgotten to hope for it when house shopping. My parents had a gas stove in the house I grew up in and I still prefer gas to electric.

2) The laundry room has a couple of strange, unused (unless you count a place to heap things on the floor as 'used') nooks that we're going to utilize. In one we will build shelves and in the other I will put a dresser that will contain all my yarn, fabric, and cameras. I want to paint the laundry room lilac and Francisco is going to let me. I'll paint the dresser white; I'll be looking for one secondhand, of course.

3) The kitchen has a bar (not an alcohol bar, but what I guess would be a breakfast bar) that overlooks the tv room, and it's wide enough for 4 bar stools. We want ones that will swivel so guests can sit there and turn around to talk to whoever is cooking in the kitchen.

4) At the back of the yard is a little shed that, for whatever reason, has sliding glass doors on it. Francisco figured out that we can put some wire shelving inside, in front of the non-slidey window and use that space to start seeds/grow seedlings in the spring. This means we can shop from seed catalogues for heirloom and other interesting varieties of things, and I am super excited about that.

5) The attached garage is finished and we're not going to park in it but will instead use it as a workshop. I can hardly wait to start building things. First up, Adirondack chairs--I LOVE those. Whenever we're accomplished enough, we're going to build ourselves a new bed; probably a platform bed with drawers underneath.

I went home for lunch and watered the tomatoes and catnip in the backyard, plus I filled up the wild cat and kittens' food dish. I was surprised that the mother cat came into the yard while I was finishing watering, and just sat waiting for me to leave so she could eat. I gave her the blinky eyes and she gave them to me, and all was peacefulness. I looked out at the cats after I got back to the house, and some of the kittens were drinking the water that had come out the bottom of the tomato pots. I thought they had been drinking from the creek, but I guess not, so I took them a bowl of water. The mother cat hissed at me, and here I thought we were best friends now; apparently not. She's been playing with the kittens in the mornings lately, and it's just the sweetest thing. She'll lay in the divot in the yard that Francisco dubbed "the play hole" because the kittens love launching assaults on each other from there, and one of the kittens will run at her and she'll wait until the last second and then jump up and get them in a clinch. I can see from the house that she's so gentle with them and it makes my heart all gooey. Hopefully I can bribe Twyla to keep feeding them after we move, and hopefully she won't kick Twyla's cat's ass. Murray's a big boy but not fierce enough to deal with a protective cat mom.

I guess that's all for today.




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