You know how outdoor cats are drawn to our house for some reason? Possibly because of the food I put out for them? Well SHOCKER it's happening again. Our next door neighbor cat, who I call Fatty, on account of her weighing a good 20 pounds (I picked her up once) apparently wants us to adopt her. She's been hanging around our front door, and even jumping up onto the outside windowsill (for our living room window--she's surprisingly spry for her size) and meowing through the screen. Then if I open the door, she tries to weasel in. Sorry, Fatty; you've got a home, and you're a little too pushy anyway. Esther does not get along with pushy. There's another cat that's been coming around, and whose presence prompted me to put a bowl of food out. She is So Sweet. And by she, I mean I don't know the sex but because I think it's a girl, it's probably a boy. See Also: Motherboy. Anyway, I think she lives a couple of houses down, but when she first showed up I didn't know that--hence me putting out a bowl of food. She ate some and then barfed it on the patio and then the starlings showed up and took the barf away, piece by piece. I know that's groce, but it's also true. I sort of want to steal that cat. She seems to have a very good temperament, and in her interactions with Fatty has shown herself to be submissive (which would be good because Esther's dominant). Then Esther wouldn't be so lonely, and for a couple of weeks would be kept busy showing the new cat how everything in the house is owned by her, Esther. Alas, I can think of several good reasons not to steal that new cat, but frankly I think she'd love to be stolen; she lives with several little children.

Francisco had an idea of something to try when Esther's doing her 4:30 a.m. meowing thing: When she gets close enough, reach out and hug her close and don't let her go. I tried it this morning, and holy hell it worked. She tried to get free of me but when she couldn't she settled down and purred. After a few minutes of that, she struggled again and I let her go and she left the room, seemingly happy. She came back in later and I did it again and after the forced cuddle she got on my pillow for awhile, still purring. I don't know why it helped her, but I'll keep on with it. It's less disturbing to my sleep than having her walk all over me and meow and meow.

Cats are all I have to talk about today. Well, that and cats.



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