Give me back those pants, you warthog from hell!


This morning I went to Target and I thought I'd really enjoy it, but it was more crowded than I thought it'd be, and my cart was stolen. Twice. The first time it was stolen I wasn't too upset, because I hadn't put anything in it yet and I knew I was risking a cart hijacking by leaving it alone for awhile. But the second time someone stole my cart, it contained a pair of exercise pants I wanted, and they were the last of their kind. Son of a! I gave up on a cart and got a carry basket instead; it turned out to be big enough but it got heavy and did not make for the best shopping experience.

While I was out I also went to the fabric store to find a notion with which to replace our salad spinner ribbon pully thingy. It had broken, and it took me awhile to find a suitable replacement but I did it. The salad spinner is now useable again. I also bought a new seam ripper because Francisco had broken mine while doing some dumbass thing, and though I had declared I would buy the most expensive seam ripper on the planet to replace the broken one with, it turned out the most expensive one the store had was only $2.49. I had wanted the Rolls Royce of seam rippers, but I'm sure this one will be just fine.

I'm feeling pretty tired today; I woke up at 2 something and laid awake for a couple of hours last night. At one point I let Esther under the covers, on my right, and about 20 minutes later Lucy wanted in too. I turned onto my left side and let her in, in front of me, and within 5 minutes I was all sweaty from having furry cat bodies pressed against my stomach and back. If I didn't love them so much I would sleep better.

So I told everyone I'd be out tomorrow for jury duty (including you, interweb) but a few minutes ago I realized March 8 is not Monday like I thought it was; it's Tuesday. I'm going to feel a little sheepish tomorrow when I go into work.

This morning when Francisco and I were still waking up and drinking coffee, we watched an episode of Good Eats that we hadn't seen, and it made me all crazy to have a garden again. I really like our house and I prefer it to the one we rented before we bought this one, but I really really miss the yard of the rental house, because it was huge and got a lot of sun and we grew an enormous garden the last summer we lived there. The yard we have now doesn't get near enough sun and most of it is on a slope so it's not a good garden yard. Every day during the Summer of the Gigantic Garden, I would take a big bowl outside and fill it with the day's produce. We grew a lot of different things but the main producers were the tomatoes and okra. We've tried to grow tomatoes here but with little success. Last summer we planted some in pots but birds kept pecking holes in the few tomatoes that actually formed on the plants, so we gave up entirely. I hope we can move this summer, and whenever we do move, I'm determined to get a house with a good garden yard. It's important.

That's about all I have to tell you right now. I think I need to sew some purses.

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