forget your troubles, c'mon get happy


First, something from YouTube my friend, Diana, linked me up to: They're Made Out of Meat. Enjoy!

This morning I went into the bathroom at work, to pee, and someone was in one of the other stalls. After I sat down to do my bidness, I could hear a wimpy trickle noise from the other stall as my mighty peeing commenced, and the words "LISTEN TO MY PROUD URINE STREAM" floated through my head, in all caps because they were voiced by a dramatic superhero-type voice. I wonder if anyone else ever thinks weirdo stuff like that. Anyone? C'mon, I can't be the only one.

Francisco and I watched Robot Chicken this morning before work, and while watching it I got an idea for what would undoubtedly be a multi-million dollar product. I did a patent search for it this morning and came up with nothing, so it would appear the idea is available, and therefore, Internet, I cannot tell you what it is for fear of the idea being stolen. I'd like to work up schematics and a prototype so I can file a patent on it, because if I don't and someone Else patents and markets this thing, I will be extremely bitter.

I went home for lunch and we watched some of the most recent Argentine Soccer Highlights, from the Fox Soccer Channel. What I would like to say about that show is it always opens with a long montage of that week's highlights, as well as footage of the soccer crowds and etc. It is Amazing, and if you have Tivo or a DVR (and therefore easy access to tv programming information), you should record that show to see the montage, even if you don't like soccer. It is just. that. good. There's another, shorter, montage about midway through the show, so if you record the show and don't want to watch the whole thing, at least fast forward to the second montage, because it, too, is very good.

Today my Photo Haus friend, Jessica, came into my office. She was here on business but stuck around to chat with me for a long time; it was fun. She is weird in the greatest possible way, and I'm so glad I happened to meet her. Hopefully we'll get together for games or something soon, now that finals are over for the quarter.

The last thing I would like to tell you for now, Internet, is how much I love living in this town and how glad I am that we moved here. This place is the closest thing to Stars Hollow [and YES I mean the Gilmore Girls town, even though I haven't watched that show all season because the writing is hurting my feelings] that I've ever seen, and I'm just so happy here. I love my job and most of my coworkers and the people who go to my gym and the students at the college and my dentist and the people at the emergency room. I love The Tav and Pearls on Pearl and El Caporral and The Palace Cafe and that Chinese place up toward the freeway whose name I can't remember. I love crazy Kevin who is not crazy. I love Barge Hall and the old steam plant building and the art house and the building downtown with the phoenix on it. I love this town, is what I'm saying. Can I get a what what?

I get to go home in a few minutes and have dinner with my mens. How is it my life is so damn good? THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.




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