summertime....and making myself work is incredibly difficult


Yesterday Francisco and I watched a Liga Mexicana futbol game, and as I told the AtomicFriends earlier today and oh my god they are so sick of me and WOULD I SHUT UP ALREADY, I have chosen a team that shall from now on be MINE and I will watch all of their televised games. AFs, please ignore this entire paragraph; it is a rerun. Non-AFs, please let me tell you what I liked about that futbol game that hooked me and made me pledge my allegiance to Liga Mexicana forever. Firstly, I enjoyed the cops in riot gear at the corners of the field, who were there to hold up their clear plastic shields toward the crowd when a player did a corner kick. I guess maybe fans would throw bottles or other objects if they weren't there? Dunno. Secondly, I loved when a spectator got so het up over a called foul that he walked onto the field to argue with the ref. He didn't get thrown out of the stadium or anything. Instead, the team he was arguing for talked to him for half a minute or so, gave him friendly hugs, and sent him back to the stands. Every now and then for the rest of the game, a camera would find him and film him for a few seconds to see his reaction to stuff. I guess this was his 15 minutes. Something I also liked was when that foul was called, the fouler was all 'WHAT? WHAT I DO? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!', but when the slow-mo replay was run, he was soooo obviously guilty of the foul. He had been running hard to try and get at the ball, and then he jumped and his upper body collided with the neck and head of the guy who had the ball, knocking him to the ground violently. There's no way the fouler could have really thought he was innocent of the foul, so his outrage was very amusing. Oh, and also, when goals were scored, the announcer guy, instead of doing that GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL! thing did GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! [and Yes he said it at Least that many times] and he sort of sounded like a bell gonging. So anyway, I loved watching that game and I chose one of the teams, San Luis, to be MY team, though I know Nothing about them except they are pretty and have nice jerseys, and I'm monitoring the Tivo soccer wishlist thingy I set up so I can pick up all their games. There is not enough soccer on television, in my opinion. I demand more!

My afternoon snack was a peach that looked like a butt. I wish I had a camera but I don't, so I just ate it without getting photographic evidence. I asked Francisco to please, when shopping for food this afternoon, try to find more ass-shaped peaches and he said he would. He's a good man.

One of my coworkers was talking to me today about one of her friends and mentioned that her friend is Generation Y. I started thinking that of course the next generation will be called Generation Z, but what will people do after that? Will they go to Generation AA? I can hardly wait to find out.

Oh, but speaking of multiple letters, today on the AF parent forum, someone referred to this site, and when I clicked over there, I was Delighted to find they have running bras in my size. I've been looking in stores for awhile now and hadn't found any, so I ordered one today and hopefully it won't take long to arrive so I can start running (slowly). I've been wanting to try running, but without a good bra, hello painful. I'm very pleased!

Last night Francisco and I made Andalusian Baked Eggs, a recipe from the tapas cookbook Francisco's sister gave him, and we basically just enlarged the individual portions a bit so they'd be the right size for dinner, and ate them with good bread and some Spanish red wine. DELICIOUS. We will make them again, for sure.

This weekend, in addition to the other things I've already mentioned, I did my chores and finished Captain Alatriste (which is Sharky's, but he let me read it) and then I started his new Harry Potter book, which he finished this weekend. It's nice that he's reading some "grown-up" books now (the Alatriste; obviously HP is not in that category)--he's enjoying reading now more than he ever has. I'm relieved, because for awhile he really disliked reading and I was worried he'd never start liking it. So, yeah, I read, and I also did a bit of knitting--I'm getting close to finishing the first sleeve of Francisco's sweater; progress is being made.

That's about all I've got to tell you for now, except I am so incredibly unmotivated at work, and not only am I unmotivated to do work things, I am also unmotivated to email my friends who have emailed me. I mean, I don't want to do ANYthing when I'm here--ANYTHING. I hope this passes quickly, because I have Got to get my shit together. This is not good.

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