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So I watched that Joe Millionaire follow-up last night, and it was better than I'd expected. It actually contained some fairly interesting things, but still and all, I'm glad to be done with that show. I want to watch less television, because I'm thinking that when I'm on my deathbed, I'm not going to be regretting the tv shows I didn't watch. Going to have to stick with the favorites, but other than those, I'm going to read a lot more, and do more project-y things. I think, also, I'll check some audio books out of the library so that I can listen to them while I knit. It's too easy and tempting to have the tv on while knitting, because knitting in silence isn't fun for me. Maybe it's fun for other people, but those people don't have my low-grade undiagnosed ADD. Clearly.

I was soooo tired this morning; I'd been sleeping really soundly when I had to get up, and I walked around in a haze for most of the morning. Francisco and I took a walk at lunch, and it was really nice. Nice to get out of the office and walk in the woods (we did a 3 mile forest trail near here), and Francisco brought the camera (his new best friend) and took lots of experimental pictures. He's frustrated with me because he sends me pictures that are imbedded in his emails, and I can't detach them so I ask for attachments. He keeps saying he's attached them, but there's no file for me to click on and save to my hard drive. So I'm not sure how our wires are getting crossed here, but I think eventually we'll figure it out.

Looking at that belly tattoo picture from this morning's entry is grossing me out. I think I need a better picture, because I swear to you, kittens; my belly is not that gross in person. Yikes! And someone had the nerve to come over to this diary today after searching for "large belly navel piercings"--can you believe that? First of all, my navel isn't pierced. Second of all, how is that flattering? It isn't, that's how. And I thought we had a rule, "Only say nice things to/about Eva". Who retracted the rule when I wasn't looking? Huh? Who?

I hope my yarn arrived today, but I doubt it did. Judybean is still waiting for something she ordered 3 weeks ago, shipped UPS, so who am I to complain about something I ordered 2+ weeks ago? Just because I paid way more for UPS's slow-boat-to-China service than I would've for US priority mail? Correct. That gives me the right to bitch.

Dear UPS,

I hate you so much. I will never, Ever use you again. There is no excuse for this ridiculous slow service. I know Judybean would concur if she were here, but she isn't, so I'm just going to channel her essence and complain for both of us.


Tattoobelly and Judybean

Going home now. I'm very hungry because I've been restricting my calorie intake lately. It's a good thing--for that Belly especially!--but it's not easy being hungry most of the day. I will adapt. Chin up, old girl.


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