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On Sunday we went to the flea market, and when I was there I saw a Dukes of Hazzard calculator, still in the original ancient packaging. It was $3, and the large toothless man running the stand shouted over that it was vintage. Naturally I was tempted--I love stuff like that--but ultimately I decided I didn't need the thing, since we have 2 calculators at home already, and it would just end up in a box somewhere, eventually. Now I wish I'd bought it, because it would make a funny gift, but I didn't think of that at the time; I just thought of hoarding it all to myself.

We didn't end up going to the IMAX movie, after the flea market, because we were tired and didn't want to wait around for a couple of hours until the next showing. Went home and did chore-things and some reading, and then I watched the Oscars while Boy and Francisco played a computer game. I loved the Oscars this year, but it had nothing to do with their quality. The reason I loved them was because of Phantom Dennis, our Tivo. I asked him to record the pre-Oscar thing and then the Oscars, but I didn't start watching either of them until 30 minutes after the first thing started. This meant I could fast forward through not just the commercials, but through the boring speeches and the categories that didn't interest me. Also, people walk really slow when they're announced to present, or when they win, so I was able to fast forward that, too (while yelling, "walk faster!", which was fun for me, because I am bossy). I caught up to real time before it was half over, so I put it on pause and got ready for bed, to give it time to get ahead again. Oh how I love our Dennis. A fun non-Dennis thing with these Oscars was yelling, "say my name! say my name!" at the various LOTR winners, when they gave their speeches (which were otherwise boring), because so many people had been thanked already that it was easy to pretend they might start thanking random people such as me. Of course this did not happen.

I won't bother to list the things I enjoyed about the Oscars, because I'm sure they're the same things everyone liked, but I do want to say how sweet I thought it was when the guy who was annoying celebrities inside the theater before the show introduced Keisha Castle-Hughes to Johnny Depp, because she'd said she hoped to meet him. Mainly I liked how Johnny Depp smiled and took her hands, all gentle-like, and told her he thought she was amazing and wonderful. She was as flustered as I would've been, and he was so kind. I really like Johnny Depp's acting, but I've gotten so used to seeing him looking surly under a hat and a lot of hair and beardy nonsense that I forgot he can be nice.

Other than these things, not a lot to talk about. I had a minor panic morning at work, because I suddenly realized how much I need to get done, and soon, so I am working hard and will get caught up, at some point. I don't like this job but I like it a Lot better when I'm caught up. I've been sort of depressed at work lately, and in a working as little as possible, self-destructive mode, but I need to be done with that now. Did I mention how badly I want to be a mailman?


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