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I've recently been reading a book a friend gave me several years ago and which I had tried to read at the time but it didn't suck me in. I think I just wasn't ready for it then, because now I am LOVING it. It's Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek--it's a helluva book and I'm so happy I gave it another chance. I recommend.

My coworker, Christina, and I have been playing a fun game over IM lately--we take turns naming diseases (or afflictions) until one of us runs out and the other names two in a row. I've won twice today--woooo! What I like best about the game is it always starts with 'herpes'--it's the signal that the game is on. Whoever didn't say 'herpes' then says 'quicksand' (which I realize is neither a disease nor an affliction, but it's too complicated to explain how the whole thing evolved) as confirmation that the game is on. It is a very good game and I'm glad we thought of it. I'm pretty sure by this point that Christina is the Hamburger Socks work friend I was so desperately wanting when I started this job; I hope she never leaves.

Although there IS a person I want to have leave, and his initials are BR. He needs to go so my brother-in-law can work here, and BR has applied for a different job, though he's not yet been called for an interview. He'd better damn well not accept an interview for next Tuesday and call in sick (his M.O. for job interviews), because he's supposed to be doing the financial aid session at orientation on Tuesday morning. I'm his assistant so if he called in sick I'd be stuck doing the session and there are LOOOOOOADS of people at those sessions, so I've been told. I wasn't scheduled for any sessions myself because I told my boss it would surely make me vomit, and I'm not sure if that was an exaggeration or not--hopefully I won't have to find out. I'm going to go through the presentation on Monday afternoon, just at my desk, so that if I have to end up doing it I'll be prepared. I really wouldn't put it past him to call in, is why I'm worrying about it.

Tonight I'm going home and making dinner (chicken tacos, salad) and hanging around with my mens after they get home from Sharky's soccer game. His summer team is playing in a tournament this weekend, which means games tomorrow and Sunday as well. Francisco's going to try and work it so Shark gets a ride with someone else for tomorrow's games (there are two), and we're going to take Shark and one of his teammates to the game on Sunday. The games are in Yakima, by the way, which is about 45 minutes from here. I HOPE HOPE HOPE Francisco can work out a ride for him for tomorrow, because otherwise I'll have to take him (Francisco is going police boating on the Columbia tomorrow), and I love Sharky and soccer but there are things I'd rather do instead, especially since we're going to his Sunday game. These things include cutting fabric into 1/2 inch strips and sewing it together end to end, in case you were wondering.

Today has been super busy at work, again, but I've managed to get a pretty good number of things done. I think the TDAP tiredness is lightening up a little bit. And speaking of medical things, I'm going in on Monday morning to get my de-mole-ing stitches out, and that's good because they're starting to bug me.

Last thing: Catie and I are going to be Accountability Friends--starting next week we're going to help each other with our goals and I'm quite excited. I think this is going to be the greatest partnership since Cagney and Lacey, and I may even make us matching capes.

Have a great weekend!



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