so yeah I.....wait; what was I talking about now?


Dear Liver,

You've rested enough! Get up, take a shower, and prepare to receive some aquavit this evening, you lucky thing.

Your Friend,

Holy cow, people, I am So Tired. I only slept about 4 1/2 hours last night (insomnia) and I am Dragging today. Somehow the cold I was expecting has not materialized, though I was Positive I was getting it, so maybe my immune system took a break from poking my thyroid with a stick to fight the virus; who knows. The only things I know are as follows:

-- I am going to sleep Really well tonight.

-- My sister and her husband are arriving tomorrow for a short visit, and I'm excited to see them!

-- I have several things to get done before they arrive, but mainly I think I'm going to work on those tomorrow morning. See also: Tired.

-- Work today has been very busy with people coming in to see me. Everyone was nice (no yellers) but the first person I saw today started crying right away, and I was so exhausted and emotionally raw this morning that after a few minutes of her crying, I started crying too. [can you Believe that??] I made it out like it was sympathy crying, but really I was thinking how tired I was and how unprepared I was for people to cry in my office today. I was SO mentally ill this morning it's a wonder I made it through the day.

-- Francisco came here at lunch and we took a long walk. Talking to him made me feel way better and emotionally stronger, so though there were criers in my office this afternoon too, I did not cry with them. We walked to the Wellspring and bought soap and kashi bars.

-- I don't have enough brainpower to continue this entry.

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