Attack Spider


Several things:

1) Massachusetts, you rock! I wish I lived there so I could be marrying couples, since, you know, I'm an ordained minister. Maybe someday I'll live somewhere that legalizes same-sex marriage so I can be marrying people left and right. For free!

2) I will be buying gasoline on May 19, even if I only need one gallon. I assume you've gotten the emails about not buying gasoline that day and how much money it will cost the oil companies? This is such bullshit. How will they lose money if everyone's fueling up on May 18, in anticipation of the big "boycott" the next day? If we're not reducing our consumption of oil and gas, not buying it on one designated day will lose the oil companies exactly nothing. Not buying gas on May 19 just means you're buying it on a different day. If everyone didn't drive that day, thus reducing consumption of fuel, that would have a small effect, but that's not what's happening. On May 19 I'm buying gas in protest of someone's faulty economic analysis.

3) This morning I was about 2/3 of the way to work when I felt something tickle my arm. It was a spider and I can't believe I managed to swat it off of me without driving off the road. For the rest of the way to work I was tense, wondering where it had gone after the swatting and expecting to be crawled on again at any moment. I knew I was being ridiculous, because, hello, just a spider (and not a poisonous one, either, unless I just didn't get a good enough look at it before freaking out), but I've never claimed to be overly rational. I'm not looking forward to driving home. It will be waiting for me.

4) [This is a biggie] It looks like I'll be going to Scotland in July, with my friend, Diana, and I am very excited, as well as a little nervous. This isn't 100% finalized yet, but Francisco is practically insisting that I go, because he loves me and wants me to be happy and he also knows I want to make myself do things that push my comfort boundaries a bit, which this trip would do (if you recall, I'm not an insouciant traveler). It would be a really fun trip and I hope it works out. This would mean I need to work like a madman to get my files and stuff done, but I sort of need to do that anyway and this will give me more incentive.

Well, I better get to it. *dusts hands*


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