kind of a bummer


I think I might be getting the Boy's flu; not because I'm feverish or coughing or what have you. But because I feel deep despair about everything, and that's just silly. Granted it's pretty depressing staying home with a sick child (or at least I find it depressing), but that's no reason to despair. When I feel like this and nothing is actually wrong in my life, I have to figure it's maybe the very beginning of an illness. I'm taking echinacea and getting enough sleep and eating well though, so maybe I won't get the flu. I would like that, a lot.

I'll be going to work pretty soon- Francisco had meetings this morning, which is why I was home--and I'm kind of looking forward to it. I despise my job but at least I'll be out of the house and busy doing things. I sort of feel like kicking ass at work this afternoon (as opposed to the heavy goofing off I've been doing), and I bet that will make me feel better. I always feel better about my job if I'm one step ahead. I will make that job my bitch.

Aaaand, that's about all I have to say today, or at least right now. Maybe something really good will happen today and I'll be able to report it. One never knows. Life can be pretty surprising at times.


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