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Holy crap! To those of you who knew these fruits existed, my question is, why didn't you tell me??! I saw a few of them in person today at the Wellspring, and now I'm obsessing about them. I would've bought one but they were $10, and I need a little more information before I buy an inedible fruit for $10. Such as, how long will this last before it rots, and does it really smell as good as all that? I smelled one in the store and it did smell good but not very strong. I assume it would have a stronger smell in my house, because my house is warmer than the store, but I'm not positive of that. See, if it was almost xmas, I would buy one just to decorate with (so my parents and Francisco's mom could ooh and ahh), but it would surely rot before then if I bought one now. I bet I can grow a whole tree of those when I'm living in Fiji...

Did you see the lunar eclipse on Saturday night? We did, but only because the pizza delivery guy pointed it out when he brought us our food. I was, truth be told, rather tipsy at that point, which made the lunar eclipse a lot more fun. Boy was spending the night at his friend's house and I took the opportunity to consume a few too many green apple martinis, but don't worry because I got my comeuppance yesterday. I wasn't hung over, exactly, but I didn't feel very good. A sore throat and a headache that lasted most of the day were my punishment. Being under the weather didn't keep me from helping Francisco and Boy construct a manger scene with Playmobil figures, though (Boy has a grillion of them and doesn't play with them anymore). We bought the manger backdrop thing at Walmart on Saturday and decided to assemble the scene now, partly because we want to take a picture of it and use it as our xmas cards. My favorite part of the whole thing is the onlooking animals. All we have for animals are horses, ducks, and snakes. There are also dogs, but they are German Shepherds, so they're filling the shepherd role. If you could only see those ducks staring at the baby jesus...it's a thing of beauty.

I also worked on my atomicswap ornaments this weekend and they are almost done. I thought they'd be finished by today but I had a little trouble with the spray acrylic sealer, in that it didn't make them shiny like it was supposed to. So I had to break out the mod podge again for the shine and that took extra time, but as god is my witness, I'll be mailing those out this week. I don't want to think about how many brain cells I lost this weekend, breathing various fumes, but I probably lost 9th grade algebra entirely. Meh, no big loss.

Esther is trying to expel her lungs through her nose lately; it is very worrisome. I know her asthma is aggravated by leaf mold, and we've got that in abundance right now, but I get so anxious when she has her coughing spells, especially if she has several in a short span of time. We're upping her dose of both meds, which means she will be twice as nutty (the cyproheptadine makes her rather excitable) but at least she'll be able to breathe. Poor girl.

I'm really very hungry.


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