vitreous and retina are dunzo


On Wednesday Francisco and I ate lunch at our favorite lunch joint (Japanese place near my office) and by that evening I was not feeling quite normal; my main symptoms being headache, intestinal distress, and a weird stomach (not overtly nauseous but distinctly non-hungry). Yesterday I woke up feeling the same and with the intestinal distress, so I called in sick to work, and that was a good thing because over the course of the day I pooped pretty much everything I've ever eaten and some stuff I suspect was eaten by other people. I managed to accompany Francisco to Yakima for some errands, in between bathroom visits, and that was pretty fun. We got a ceiling fan for our bedroom, a wall mount for the television, a birthday present for the Shark, an orbital sander, and a few odds and ends. Then we went home and received a phone call from Sharky's school, to tell us he was absent from 3rd and 4th periods and that's where the fun stopped. I don't know if you heard about that recent Harvard study that concluded people raising children are unhappier than childless people, and that specifically parental happiness is at an all time low when kids are between ages 12 and 16, but I read an article about it and my reaction was NO FUCKING KIDDING, HARVARD. I hope they didn't spend too much money to find that out. Jesus. The Shark no longer wants to go to Eugene for the full summer, but he is Going, because a lot of accommodations have been made for him by his dad, but even if they hadn't, I need a break from this bullshit. I cannot possibly do another school year with him if I don't get the summer to breathe and be free. There's just no way. He's not a bad kid, and his friends, Manny and Sergio, are good kids, but in their households they are basically unsupervised, and the Shark feels that he should also be unsupervised. Not going to happen. Francisco talked to him last night to lay down the rules he WILL follow next school year, and he has agreed to do so. These are not stringent rules, by any means, so I'm glad he said he'll abide by them, and I hope he will when it comes down to it.

I had an eye doctor appointment scheduled for yesterday afternoon at 4:00 (a checkup) and I was okay to go, so I did, and it was good because I had some worries put to rest. I have noticed significantly more floaters in my right eye than I had last year at this time, and I was afraid that meant bad news for my retina (starting to detach or something), but I found out that my vitreous has detached in the last year, and that's why I have more floaters, and the retina is fine. I didn't know the vitreous could detach, but it does and is common in elderly people. The reason mine detached at age 40 is because I'm very nearsighted and that increases the risk of early detachment. So for those of you keeping score at home, I have one 40 year old eyeball and one 84 year old eyeball. Be sure to mark that down. I sort of wish I hadn't read that Wikipedia article, though. It makes me nervous.

Something rather unusual happened at the eye doctor. When the woman who did my initial eye exam stuff (before the opthamologist came in) was finishing up and preparing to leave the room, she told me the doctor allows them to pray for patients and asked me if I had anything troubling me that I'd like her to pray about. I was (as you might imagine) rather taken aback by that, but I told her my son was being a jerk because he's 16, and that was bothering me. I expected her to make a note of it and leave, but she sat right back down and started praying about it. She used a phrase I hadn't heard before, which was "take him to the cross"--specifically she asked the lord to take my son to the cross, and my brain filled in "and LEAVE him there!". I am not sure why I told her she could pray for my Sharky situation, but I suspect it's because 1) I have been basically praying to the Universe for awhile now, though I don't really think of it as praying per se. It occurred to me, when she asked me if she could pray, that my talking to the Universe and her praying are pretty much the same thing, and who was I to turn down her intercession on my behalf? Nobody, that's who. 2) Based on her accent, she is from Eastern Europe, and for whatever reason the request to pray didn't irk me coming from her the way it might have irked me if it came from an American. I know that's probably unfair, but I can't help it--I have some bad associations with American Christianity. She Did try to convert me after the praying but not in a pushy way, so no harm done.

In other yesterday news, I finally managed to get Francisco hooked on Doctor Who. YESSS! My evil plan has finally come to fruition.

At 5:00 today, Francisco will pick me up from work and we'll go feed Motherboy. Then we will go to the plant sale a gardening club in town is having and buy a crapload of plants, since we didn't start our seeds inside like we should have several weeks ago and our growing season is too short to start them outside now. Live and learn; we'll do it right next year. After we buy our plants we'll go home and have dinner and watch Doctor Who, and maybe Lost, because we still have not watched the episode from the week before last, as well as the latest one. Anytime I can delete some things from the Tivo, it feels like a job well done, and I'm gearing up to do some good work tonight.

What we'll do this weekend is work in the yard, planting things. We may also get some sunporch things done, but I can't guarantee that. Tomorrow night Francisco will be working as Police at the Western Art Association art show, and also tomorrow night I'm going to Christina's for a little while to take photos of her eldest daughter who is going to prom and wanted some good photos of herself and her boyfriend all duded up. Sunday after we work in the yard and do whatever, Francisco and I are hoping to go to a matinee of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, since we've heard it's super funny. And that's all the weekend plans we have; I hope we can get a lot done, because on Thursday Catie and Andy arrive!! I'm not trying to make everything look perfect for them but I would like it if the backyard was a nicer place to hang out, since the weather is supposed to be good. I hope it's less good than it's been today (90 degrees) because that's a touch warmer than is ideal, in my opinion.




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