I mean, they invented "Tactical Chunder"!


I read this today from an interview at Morphizm, which, by the way, I love: "I mean, we are all going to die. There is no point in holding anything back. We have to live with our hearts and enjoy every minute. It's like when you eat. Why not pay attention to your food while you are eating? Why take that for granted? Everything in life should not be taken for granted. Everything has its place and everything should be enjoyed and learned; that's why we're here. We're all going to die, so we've got to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences are -- whether it's a job, whether it's a career, whether it's perception. You've got to do the right thing." -- Serj Tankian (from System of a Down). Serj, I think I love you. I'm feeling better now, about the dying thing, and hopefully that's an upward trend, because it's going to happen anyway, and I might as well cope. Right?

My left eye has been twitching all day, except when I did errands at lunch. Came back, sat at my desk, and there's the twitch again. Maybe it's in morse code and I just don't know because I never learned that. It could be a very important message from my eye to The Resistance, and maybe my not getting the message will mean some of The Resistance will die, but we'll never know.

I went to Target during lunch (again) to get some things I forgot this weekend, and while I was there I tried to buy wiper blades, because Bruno's need replacing. And good lord, why does it have to be so hard to find the right blades?? Bruno is a Honda Accord--it's not like he's a real exotic vehicle--but I eventually figured out (from looking at the pamphlet next to the small selection of blades) that Target didn't have any that would fit him, so I gave the blades the Finger with both my hands (for real, but no one was around) and went to an auto parts place on my way back to the office. Still not tres simple to figure out which blades, but at least they had a selection, including the correct ones. I think I'll have Francisco put them on--I don't want him to feel unneeded by my wiper blade independence.

Yesterday I found this site, and man oh man, how much I love it cannot be expressed. British slang is one of the best things on the planet; it's killing me over here, and I'm using it as much as possible. Fortunately no one is annoyed....yet. They have slang for things we don't, and they have better slang than ours for things we do. If that makes any sense. For instance, you know our 'lunch lady arms'? Well, that's a pretty good one, but I think their 'bingo wings' might just top it.

Dear Baby Jesus,

Thank you for the Brits.



This afternoon I was minding my own business while listening to Netflix Radio (of all preposterous things) and Jet's 'Are you gonna be my girl' came on, so I shut my door and danced like a maniac. This made me email everyone in the office, except my boss, and invite them to a daily ten minute dance party in my office--the first party will happen tomorrow at 2:30. I told them it would be like a mini-rave, except without the Ecstacy, and I think some of my coworkers will show up. I did this because we really need to take the breaks the law grants us for working 8 hours daily, but during our busy season, we're not so much with taking the breaks. Of course, one person interpreted the dance party strangely and said it's too bad my office wasn't larger, because she could bring her instructional 'Learn Linedancing' video. Ho meh ged (copywrite: Atomic), that is So not what I had in mind. I'm glad my office is too small for such tomfoolery.

I'd best stop farty arsing around and head home.


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