the brick dust is thick dust


The latest from the Office of Hellfire and Damnation: This morning we closed from 8:30 to 1:00, because there was brick dust billowing out of the basement and it was so thick it looked like smoke--we thought it Was smoke at first but the fire alarm didn't go off. I've had a sore throat since Monday due to all the dust and shit in the air, and I'm not the only one, so fortunately the management took pity on us and sent us away. I took 20 files home with me and read them/got them ready to do on the computer, and I did this while watching Auntie Mame; one of my favorite movies. This afternoon I had some computer training (new system platform going in next month) from 1:30 to 3:00, so it's been a real barrel of laughs, let me tell you. I'm trying now to finish up the few things that Must get done today, and then I'm heading home.

I'm extremely tired today. I slept so poorly last night I am still in shock at how bad it was. I laid awake forever, in that kind of limbo between awakeness and asleepness before getting to sleep, and then woke up approximately one billion times during the night, including the laying awake in limbo between 3 am and 5:30 am. My fucking cell phone kept beeping--it does that. Apparently we live on the very cusp of the good reception zone, and if the wind shifts or something, we are suddenly Roaming. So the phone beeps to tell me when this happens, and then beeps to tell me when the planets have aligned again and I'm back in the service area, or whatever. Francisco figured out how to shut his off from doing this, and I thought I'd done it on my phone too, but apparently not. And last night it shifted back and forth repeatedly, and oh my god I thought I'd go insane from the beeping. It was in my purse, in the closet, but I could still hear that mofo. We are not on good terms right now, that phone and I. I wish I knew a good punishment for it.

A few minutes ago the guys who dug up the yard were putting the dirt back into the hole and were ramming it down with the backhoe shovel thing. I had a front row seat for it because my window looks out onto the yard, and while the ramming was going on I was amusing myself with an imagined dialogue between Backhoe Man and his Sidekick:

Sidekick: Spider! Spider!

Backhoe Man: Where?!

Sidekick: There! On the ground in front of you!

Backhoe Man (while ramming): Aaiiieeee! Did I get it?

Sidekick: No, it's right there; get it! Get it!

Okay, out of time now. I have to send a couple of discouraging emails before I leave, and I'd like to leave soon. Have a good night.


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