Brain dead. Ass asleep.


1. Francisco and I made a pact last week that we would each only have sugar (meaning desserts--sugar in coffee is still okay) on Sundays. Last week that wasn't so hard, but today I'd sure like to have me some coffee cake. Or donuts. Something fatty and sugary; add to shopping cart.

2. This weekend Boy came in from playing and he sounded tense and said, "I think I have a leech on my finger". Francisco looked and it was a tiny slug. A dead tiny slug. And Boy had been nowhere near water when it got on his finger. That kid cracks me up.

3. I barely goofed off at all at work today, and 80% of my time today was spent emailing people who had emailed me last night and today. That's a lot of hours of emailing; my brain is fried.

4. I called Francisco to chat for a couple of minutes and he said two things. A) he wants a candy bar (HA-ha! pact!) and B) He is making ginger beef for dinner. I am so grateful that he cooks, and that he cooks such good things. Because when I get home from work, especially on brain fried days like this, it's all I can do to even think of something to make, much less actually make it. Thank you, Universe, for sending me such a good man.

Lead me to the ginger beef.


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