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Big news of the day: The Boy is #3 in the Top Ten Lynndies at Bad Gas. Scroll down and you'll see him Lynndieing his friend Ryan (on Halloween), who is described as "woman in coloured wig"--HAha, Ryan! Boy is going to be thrilled and will think he's famous [anyone want his autograph?]. The poor kid hasn't been feeling well for a couple of days (getting a cold, I think), so this comes at a good time. Thank you, Bad Gas!

In other news, yesterday the first AtomicFriends ornaments (from the exchange) arrived, ALONG WITH cds containing the two bonus episodes of The Office. The ornaments are great and I love them and am looking forward to decorating for xmas, but the cds really Made the package for me, since we don't get BBC America and therefore have not seen the bonus episodes (they aren't on the season one and season two Office disks we got from Netflix). Didn't watch them last night but I'll definitely be pushing to watch them tonight.

Okay, Toby, the neighbor cat? Thinks we're his people now. This probably has something to do with us feeding him treats (treats we bought for Lucy and Esther, which they turned up their noses at)--whenever we open the front door, he canters over from wherever he is and tries to get in the house. Sometimes he succeeds and I have to herd him back out before the girls kick his ass. When I get home from work, he's waiting for me. He's stalking us! I think the main reason (besides the treats) he's all hot to get in our house is there are puppies in his house, and that can't be fun for him. Fill in the blank: Puppies are to cats as ________ are to humans. This is, of course, an optional game, but surely y'all will come up with some good answers. Miles, I'm looking at you.

This morning Atomic linked up to Sorry Everybody, and I spent way, Way too much time paging through the pictures. I think Francisco, Boy, and I need to submit a picture; we'll get right on that. My favorites are the pictures of people from other countries holding up signs forgiving us/comiserating with us. It's really good to know 1) we're not hated by Everyone, and b) people can differentiate between us and our administration. That makes me feel hopeful and a bit comforted.

Gotta run off now,
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