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There is someone I know who has big, Huge problems to deal with right now, and she is so brave--I can't imagine how she finds the strength to make it through all the things she has to do. I think about her often and I feel like a big wussy on days like today when I'm feeling all fragile for something relatively minor. The thing that's bothering me today is that Francisco and I put the Boy on a plane this morning, bound for Oregon, and I know, rationally, that he'll be fine. This is the 3rd time he's flown out there as an Unaccompanied Minor, and there have been no problems. He's not worried about it; he knows the airline will take care of him (probably pamper him, actually), but I won't relax until my parents call and tell us that Boy and they are at their house. I told my mom the other night that putting him on a plane and sending him off alone feels awful--it's like putting a baby bird on the plane, or a newborn kitten. I don't feel his vulnerability much in day to day life, but when he's out in the world, he seems way too small, and very Very vulnerable. My parents should call around 6-ish, EST, and when they do, the relief will be palpable.

Okay, big subject change, but I have to talk about Eddie Izzard for a moment. I didn't really know who he was until the AtomicFriends started talking about him, but I put his Dress To Kill DVD on our Netflix list and we watched it a couple of weeks ago. I love him. I love him so much. He's going to be touring in the US this year--maybe he's already started--but of Course he won't be coming anywhere near me. I guess this part of the country doesn't take kindly to executive transvestites. But they should! If you get the chance to watch his Dress To Kill DVD, I beg you to take it; you won't be sorry. I think I'm going to stalk him.

One good thing about Boy being in Oregon for 3 weeks, last night Francisco said, "The weather's supposed to be good tomorrow afternoon, so do you know what that means? When you come home from work tomorrow night, you'll be alone in the house". This is because he's going to his Tuesday Night Snipe Hunt, since the weather is good, and it dawned on me that, YES, I'll be alone in the house. I'm never alone in the house! I Love being alone in the house!! So I'm looking forward to a couple hours of alone tonight--it sounds like just the ticket.

But before I can do that, I need to do some more work. Talk to you later,


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