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The weekend before last, I was making dinner, and Boy asked what we were having. When I told him risotto, he kind of squealed, "Ooh, risotto!" I immediately abandoned my dinner preparations so I could LOOK FOR THE POD, because Boy had always claimed to dislike risotto. "It's too tastes like butter". Now that he's 13, he's apparently changed his mind about risotto; so much so that he not only scarfed it when I made it, but he also ordered it on Thanksgiving. We were so proud. I think I got the best thing on Thanksgiving--I had bouillabaisse, and oh my mom, it was so delicious. Francisco had some pork loin thing, and we all shared great appetizers pre-meal. Throw in some cocktails all around (ginger ale for Boy), a little wine, some dessert, and you have the perfect meal. Plus 3 extended bellies--Boy complained that his six-pack had disappeared, but I think that six-pack is a figment of his imagination anyway.

This weekend I knitted a lot. I finished up my exchange scarf last night and will mail it tomorrow--I had originally planned to get it in the mail today, but that just didn't happen, for various reasons [see also: laziness]. The other thing I knitted this weekend is making me so happy--it's this hat, and it turned out great, though when I put the horns on, I put them more to the front of the hat than the horns on the pictured hat. Let me tell you, if you want to make that hat, the yarn you should definitely use is Lamb's Pride, because it's gorgeous. I love that yarn long time--I think it's my all-around favorite yarn, and it was perfect for the hat. The hat makes me happy because it's cute (duh) but also because to put the earflaps and horns on, I had to pick up stitches, and I'd never done that before. I am developing mad skillz, people. Someday I will knit a car and drive it around the country.

My AtomicFriends have all received their ornaments from us, so I can talk about them now--we made ornaments out of plastic doll heads (I am sure this is no surprise to anyone) and small light bulb things (I don't know the proper term for a bulb attached to a wire) with little red bulbs instead of clear. I couldn't find doll heads in the craft section of the Walmart, but I found cheap dolls (88 cents apiece) and used the heads from those. I brought the doll bodies to work (waste not, want not) and lined them up on top of the bookcase in my office--sans clothing, of course. Everyone agrees they are very.......interesting. I love them--they're totally bizarre--and I'm glad I work in a place which will allow me such decorating freedoms. Probably the boss is regretting telling me I could decorate my office any way I want; I am certain he did not foresee doll bodies when he hired me, over seven years ago. It's his own damn fault for underestimating my imagination.

Things We Did During the Four-Day Weekend, by Tattoobelly

1) took a walk in the woods
2) played dominoes (more than once)
3) decorated for xmas
4) printed and framed more photos (done by Francisco only, while I was attaching earflaps)
5) the usual chores
6) watched several movies; courtesy of Netflix and Tivo
7) bought more yarn, for a new project
8) looked at digital video cameras--comparison shopping
9) talked on the phone with beloved family members
10) watched Girl Ranch, WITH BOY AND FRANCISCO (this is a coup), and enjoyed saying annoying things like, "they learn a lesson every week on Girl Ranch", and "it's nice Tess and the Russian pig hunter could become friends after their initial misunderstanding". life is so good.
11) ate sweet potato and pumpkin pies. yes, both. It was a four day weekend! When Francisco made the pumpkin pie, he was following a recipe that had no sugar in it, because he was supposed to use sweetened condensed milk, but instead he used evaporated milk. It was still delicious--all we had to do was mash some sugar or maple syrup into it just before the eating.
12) yard clean-up (done by Francisco and Boy while I was doing other things)

Also this weekend, I found out the version of 'Y Tu Mama, Tambien' we saw whenever it was we saw it (a year ago? no clue) was edited (!) to omit a crucial scene toward the end of the movie, and though I am bitter to have missed out on the scene (now that I know it exists), I'm at least glad to know what the hell was supposed to have happened, because the movie didn't make much sense without it. I practically broke the interweb this weekend, scouring it for the missing scene, but I couldn't find it. What kind of bullshit is that, Interweb? I know you're holding out on me. I mean, you have EVerything. Jerk.

To wrap up today, I want to point you over to Andy's Book Nook, which is genius. I have never met Andy, but I sense he has many callipygian qualities. Go look at his "books"!

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